Daesh Militants Surrendered within Past Few Hours

Hundreds of Daesh Militants Surrendered within Past Few Hours

On Wednesday, heavy military operation and continuous battles in the last few hours to get full control of the entrance for the right coast of Mosul and neighborhoods & streets towards Tal Afar resulted surrender from a large number of Daesh militants. Point to be noted that since the beginning of the massive military operations at the right coast of Mosul, at least 2 thousand elements from Daesh and other terrorist groups surrendered in the front of security forces. Yesterday, the operations commander, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir had announced that our security forces have taken control of entire right coast of Mosul and clearing the neighborhood and apartments. He added that we are hanging Iraqi flags over the buildings and our next target is Nablus district in the western axis of the right coast. He said that Daesh and other terrorist groups faced great number of losses in equipments and lives.

The operation commander further added that Iraqi armed forces, federal police and anti-terrorism popular crowd are continuously moving and clearing the areas throughout the Nineveh province military operations. The commander of the Iraqi federal police team, Raed Shakir Jawdat also said that a large number of snipers have been positioned on the roofs of buildings in the old city of Mosul. It would strengthen the front edges for our units positioned on the outskirts of Al-Nouri mosque. He further added that our forces are working hard for the evacuation of hundreds of displaced Iraqi citizens in order to ensure their safety. A statement from the media body popular crowd indicated that the heroes of the crowd have taken full control over Al-Sham gate and raised the Iraqi flag over it. It has been considered an important entrance to the right coast. Brigadier in Nineveh Police, Muhammad Al-Jubouri said that the federal police forces have liberated buildings of service and health. He confirmed that the forces have taken entire control over Nineveh Street and Bata Street.

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