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ol lar says():http://www.alrasheedmedia.com/2016/11/04/54357/

Rasheed reporter: the security forces enter hand bath center ailing and raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings

House of Representatives vote on the project and prevent the use of Weapons (NPT) Occlusive Law

House of Representatives vote on the punishment of life imprisonment for each of the weapon won Katma sound or have commissioned

rcookie says to ol lar():GREAT FIND OL LAR!!

rcookie says to ol lar():MORE AFFIRMATION………..
DIGIman1 says():~~~~~Why is it called a “building” when it is already built?

ol lar says():yes always nice to see the conversation in the news

ol lar says():thought this was interesting from the FB page of Holly’s banker friends

ol lar says():Rsh Rashad Alshaibany
Coin of 100,000 dinars printed and ready central bank ..obai moment Qrlr be traded on the market come down ..

The currency of 100 Dinars, printed and ready for the central bank.. and any minute down to headquarters churning out in the market..

ol lar says():Abeche today Dollar Iraqi Dinar

But it did so only Tlahzt the irreversibility of the exchange rate, despite big sales of the most important causes is raised 5 trillion of category 50 000

Yes, you didn’t notice the irreversibility of the exchange rate despite considerable sales of the main reasons is raised 5 trillion from class 50 a

ol lar says():Not sure on the second one is he commenting of how the 50k notes had no effect on the rate?

RickeyT says():I saw earlier that Egypt devalued their currency, I thought that Iraq was supposed to be ahead of Egypt, is that correct?

baxter says():Egypt dropped about 50% of value……
baxter says():seems to be quite a bit to me…

Elane says():DA58:This last detail … what we have reached liberation of Mosul operations
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This last detail … what we have reached liberation of Mosul operations

BAGHDAD / Sky Press Mouselaon, deployment of anti-Daash, Aljmah, site map showing the last thing reached by the ongoing military operations in Mosul.

According to Mouka, the green color shows the liberated areas of Daesh and cleared Aelia, while red shows areas that have been edited and under Altther, either white color, it expresses the areas that are still under the control of Daesh.

And given the military campaign aerial cover of the international coalition led by the United States Alomrakih.ostaadt Iraqi forces allied with them dozens of villages and towns in the vicinity of the city from the grip of the organization Daesh.

And launched the military campaign to regain Mosul, the middle of last month, the largest since the invasion of “Daesh,” north and west of the country and control over one-third of the area of Iraq August of 2014, and given the military campaign aerial cover of the international coalition led by the United States of America.      http://www.skypressiq.net/21762–.html

Elane says():This last detail … what we have reached liberation of Mosul operations
Elane says():Fingers crossed

baxter says():I wonder what is left of Mosul?
baxter says():Havent seen any pix of in the city at all…

Elane says():There is a map with the above article.. we are seeing videos like crazy on du/fb

Elane says():DA58:Elite troops stormed the neighborhood, “Zahra” and encircle the “liberation” and likely to enter the center of Mosul today
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Elite troops stormed the neighborhood,  {Nineveh: Euphrates News} stormed the device elite anti-terrorist forces, on Friday, al-Zahra neighborhood in the left coast of the city of Mosul, to free him from Daesh terrorist gangs.

The commander of the first elite forces, Maj . Gen. Sami Arda, told {Euphrates News}, “we started the day progress, we have achieved progress in the Karama district, allowing, and today the neighborhood of al – Zahra was violating cleansing continuously done, as well as surround Tahrir neighborhood.”

He added, ” The Mosul , the center of a very large city, a depth of about 7 km and more than 15 km, we have started revival Home of Mosul , “expected to enter the city center” today or tomorrow. ”

explained Maj . Gen. Arda, said that” Daesh gangs suffered heavy losses today, the death toll and left wheels and weapons “he is referring to the killing of ” more than 50 people dead and injured , “R. .anthy

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