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Hub: Article: “CENTRAL BANK: THE DELETION OF ZEROS IN EARLY 2017”  Quote:  “The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords that project to delete the zeros will be implemented in early 2017, indicating that the bank began to develop the first steps of the project.”

A thought…….they are about to change the value of a 25,000 note from $22 to maybe $75,000, why would they say we are going to do this is 2017 so every Tom, Dick and Harry can go buy some more…i think it is a ploy and i would not be surprised to see it much quicker…

Q: […since the CBI indicating the dropping of the 3 zeros in early 2017, does that mean that based on this article we wouldn’t see a change until then or would they have to begin the rate change part of the process sooner…?]

Hub:   in my own humble opinion, I think they would have to implement the change before dropping the zeros which is really bring out lower denoms and getting the big notes off the street.

Emailed to Recaps:

Brendad:  Please post. This is not meant to be political or religious, I just want to share my story with you.

I am going to share my story, I hope this helps many who are feeling morally confused. I know that many of your questions regarding the winner of the Presidential election are based on the fact that you feel that your moral virtues have been attacked by a nuclear bomb.

I have also gleaned from your conversations that your dubiety is not coming from a place of negative political aggression but from the feelings of demoralization. This is what happened to me yesterday:

While I was walking up to Physical Therapy, a perfect stranger came up to me and said, “Hello, how are you?” I said, fine and you?

Then, the stranger went on to say, “All of my life I have been taught to be honest, display good character and integrity, do what is righteous, lead by righteous example, respect other people, love thy neighbor as thy self, never name call, love my enemy, don’t be a bully, the meek will inherit the earth. and to rise above hatred.”

He went on to say, “Miss, did the bullies kill God?”

I said to him, this is when our faith kicks in, God is not dead, He is alive, no one can kill Him. The most painful times in our lives when we are feeling alone, that is when God is carrying us through our trials.

I personally feel that this is our ultimate test, it is time to apply everything that we have been taught about being a balanced human being.

Then I said to him, just remember, the teacher is “always” quiet during the test. Then, he said to me, “Miss, do you think I will pass the test?”

I said to him, Sir, you just did. I turned slightly to open the door, when I turned around, the man was gone,

I looked everywhere for him, he was nowhere to be found. Now, I am wondering, was this a test for me and did “I” pass the test??? WOW!!! (With Out Words!!!)

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