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larrykn says():The Central Bank lent banks trillion dinars to activate

2016/11/10 10:09 • [In Baghdad]  Detect economic adviser to Prime Minister Haider Abadi to CBI gnaw civil banking trillion dinars.

Mohammad Saleh appearance said in a press statement that the Central Bank will disburse a loan of trillion dinars to banks for fairly, under controls and the ability to manage it. ”

Saleh said “loans will include small and medium-sized enterprises active in capital and the economic cycle in Iraq, noting that” some complaints which may be raised by private banks but the Central Bank is able to solve it, “dismissing” a foul on loan or reluctance of the distro.

And that the move “in order to develop the local economy and solve the economic problems of senior citizens and support the initiative launched by the Central Bank loans to Iraq.

The Central Bank Governor was public relations agency this week conducted a series of visits that included a number of private banks to stand on the major constraints and challenges faced by banks in order to reach one goal is financial and economic stability.


larrykn says to 1bobby():thats a lot of dinar lol

1bobby says to larrykn():GM Larry. How crazy is that article along with all the other banking news 🙂
1bobby says to larrykn():LOL. Yeah back to Iraq! The Banking and Taxation articles are promising

larrykn says to 1bobby():yes , I still say we will wait till the first of the year but thats not far off 🙂

1bobby says to larrykn():Will make for an interesting 50 days or so
larrykn says to 1bobby():I believe a lot will get done between now an then 🙂
1bobby says to larrykn():100% Even today’s news was an eye opener

1bobby says():Hadithi: Battle of Mosul delayed dossier vacant ministries

2016-11-10 02:23:00 | (Voice of Iraq) – Baghdad

According to the Prime Minister’s Office spokesman Saad Al-Hadithi, not resolve file choose Ministers to fill portfolios which are currently managed by the Agency so far due to the Government’s preoccupation with the war against terrorism and the Edit battle of Nineveh.

Hadithi said that Prime Minister Haider Abadi is currently working on choosing right to assume such places characters in agreement with the political blocs and the Parliament’s support.


RickeyT says():Has there been a complete government in the last 10 years?

1bobby says to RickeyT():Not to my knowledge. There may have been in 2003 when the Coalition put it in place

RickeyT says():OK, Thank you
1bobby says to RickeyT():But since their sovereignty in 09 (i believe) I haven’t seen one

Holly1 says():Delete the three zeroes from the currency of Iraq early in 2017
the source:Baghdad, Iraq Ahmad   Date:November 10, 2016

Holly1 says():Deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency, will be implemented in early 2017, according to the Keywords, the central bank governor, noting that the bank began to develop the first steps of the project.

Holly1 says(8):Keywords and said in a statement, said that the aim of the deletion of three zeros is to support the Iraqi dinar, and make it a competitor to foreign currencies, pointing out that this strategic project will serve the country’s economy, as the dinar will be included in the global basket of currencies in the vital exchanges.

He added that the bank is working on mechanisms for the implementation of the project, it is expected to start at the beginning of 2017. He pointed out that the introduction of the new currency does not mean the destruction of ancient coins, but will continue to trade for about 10 years.


Holly1 says to 1bobby():Today .. Conclusion of the Baghdad International Fair
11/10/2016 The participants expressed their great satisfaction to the size of the mass interaction

BAGHDAD / Action «morning» Team folded the Baghdad International Fair on the last his beaming that exceeded its 43 achieving his goals in the presence of broad public despite inter challenges in the difficult circumstances experienced by Iraq , which is the richest country in the world; the participants of different countries have expressed great satisfaction on the size of the mass interaction and they have achieved their goal to deliver their products to a large segment of them.

Holly1 says to 1bobby():It is scheduled to conclude events on Thursday evening, in the presence of a number of foreign ambassadors and Iraqi officials and representatives of the parties participating in the gallery of Baghdad, as well as the owners of the private sector and representatives of bodies of local companies sectoral participation.

witnessing events conclusion to grant awards to the participating countries, and best featured pavilion participant and the largest pavilion saw a crowd and turnout turnout and widespread , along with honoring the wings outstanding officials and provide shields and certificates of appreciation to media organizations that contributed to succeed in efficiency through its coverage of this major economic event in Iraq .

Holly1 says to 1bobby(8):economic member of Baghdad forum Jassim Al Aradi said the exhibition represents a great market to shop for government departments and the private sector alike, where you can choose what a win – win for Iraq in the production and service sectors of the products global and regional specialized companies implement quality projects within the prescribed specifications.

Holly1 says to 1bobby():universal message said he is a message for local and international companies benefit asserts that Iraq is ready to interact with the international effort and the regional advanced in the field of implementation of production and service projects, and the encouraging work environment in all sectors of the capacity of the available investment opportunities.

he added that the presence of companies helped by the local institutions and the sector the past nine days Special on the conclusion of bilateral understandings previews with her, pointing out that this is an achievement because it provides them a lot of effort and time as well as expenses in the event of going to their headquarters in the various

Holly1 says to 1bobby():countries of the world, noting that all companies that participate in trade fairs infinitely targets carefully considering participation that often what is the search for new business opportunities expand its circle according to feasibility studies. a variety of events and witnessed the last days of the exhibition since it opened a cultural, recreational and social activities variety as well as the establishment of competitions by the number of contributing to the exhibition companies, along with the distribution of prizes among the contestants.

Holly1 says to 1bobby):competent affairs economic Nazim Ugaili pointed out that all the companies that attend to Iraq , we are in contact with most of them have a great desire to work within the country through the investment of available job opportunities or entering into partnerships with a local partner,

noting that the expansion of organizing exhibitions of general business and specialized circle represents an opportunity precious in front of local institutions to choose the best companies that can be handled without a broker is draining more money as it was happening during the past periods.

Holly1 says to 1bobby():economic partnerships and the number of participating countries officially 11 countries and more than 400 hand and the company has booked more than 12,000 square meters, which facilitates the establishment of economic partnerships with Iraq and achieves interaction contributes to the development of the national economy , which began and confident steps to confirm its leading role in the construction of a new economic basis.

Holly1 says to 1bobby():He called specialists in economic affairs to show more interest in effectively targeted and subsequent Baghdad international Fair being considered the largest and most effective Mardah taking place in the country and assiduously on establish in every year and various Made of nationalities and disciplines, stressing she gateway for investment and holding economic partnerships with Iraq.

Holly1 says to 1bobby():visitor numbers to that expressed a number of citizens ‘ satisfaction with the security measures that have been taken this year , which contributed Brphi show extra numbers of visitors.

she says citizenship virgin Ahmed: the Baghdad international Fair characterize this year to open the roads leading to him what stocks to provide smooth entry with high security measures regulation by the curators.

It adds that the exhibition contributed to achieving convergence in economic visions and shares in facilitating Quote global experience and economic expertise ways through the

Holly1 says to 1bobby():interest of the participants to exchange Visit the wings of some of them.

Mohammed Abbas said that the cycle of Baghdad gallery 43 contributed to the interaction of the Iraqi private sector with the expatriate companies during the occasion, adding that there Mardah events organized by companies, particularly specialized automobile industry to launch their latest products in this event.

Holly1 says to 1bobby():It is a distinct companies present at the exhibition were Toyota , as exhibited their latest products in the automotive world, and for this review said Hammam Qusay advertising director and Promotion: launched Toyota Iraq officially in its work as a distributor exclusively for the company ‘s products in the general market in March 2016.

he said in an interview for the “morning” I saw the show currently getaway car Toyota Land Cruiser in 2017, on the sidelines of the exhibition and held a ceremony on the occasion.

Holly1 says to 1bobby():indicating that the company imports vehicles directly from the factory and distributed among the agents accredited and that is through them to get Almsenai free vehicle warranty and provide after – sales and the provision of original spare parts services in accordance with the standards of quality for the company.

Holly1 says to 1bobby():  He pointed Qusay that Toyota Iraq are planning large for its products through the collection of customer data and test fuels, roads sample to make sure that vehicles and spare Agheiaralosalih that are imported by Toyota Iraq , the company is the most appropriate to use and the quality of fuel used locally and comply with the regulations and standards of the Iraqi government.

He concluded by saying: We are delighted at Toyota Iraq to join us this year at the Baghdad international Fair current session, representatives of the giant global market (Toyota) through an integrated view of the formation of cars to meet all needs.

1bobby says to Holly1():That 10 day fair brought out a lot of good news for Iraq and the interaction with the International Community. Top notch article. Thank you

Holly1 says():We met the Turkmen bloc in Kirkuk Provincial Council members and we discussed with them ways to consolidate civil peace and the preservation of the identity of Kirkuk and the unity of its components, as well as a review of developments in operations coming Aaninoy, where we called for the need to take caution by the security services to miss an opportunity to the terrorists,

and the importance of activating the intelligence effort, as Let’s unite efforts to close ranks and stand by our security forces in all its different forms for the Liberation of Nineveh province, of Conception terrorism Aldaasha, also paid tribute to the sacrifices of the component of Turkmenistan and their active role in the fight against terrorism and to liberate the land.

Holly1 says():Press tomorrow – what’s going on inside Mosul .. crucify civilians and executed with electric shocks

Tomorrow Press news agency and an Iraqi independent in her speech, funding and is linked to any point of an Iraqi, Arab or foreign, aimed at delivering information and news full impartial away from sectarian and national bias, ethnic, religious or sectarian.

joyojoy says to Holly1():Very sad indeed!
1bobby says to Holly1():60 Minutes did a segment on Mosul. Not a pretty sight

Holly1 says():Karbala news
Work: an increase in the preparation and the salaries of the beneficiaries of the social network B2017

Doug_W says to Holly1():this daesh thing is sub human behavior

Holly1 says():People crowd forces confirm their readiness to proceed with the third phase in the western axis…….http://alghadeer.tv/news/detail/47071/

Holly1 says():—— The seventh of ——-

—– Anute or the story of Umm roadmap or a message to the Prime Minister Syed esteemed ——

Q / Islam you’ve promised me as I came in the ring sixth explain what Mramk of obliging all (workers in the private sector industrialists, wholesalers and single professionals and artisans who have Hoa_khas work of fixed and mobile ratification and documenting Acoddha the competent departments, as well as Hoa_khas housing of different kinds and forms and prevent strictly prohibited share of the job VPL documenting their contracts and demanded the inclusion of these and working with the laws and regulations forced the social security and the voluntary and issuing professions card and non – duplication, Could told us graciously –

Holly1 says():c / I have compiled what needs to be raised questions this indicates you understand what we put forward in previous episodes and abbreviated episodes of succeeding and that is what pleased the orbit of what you love – I’ve called in previous episodes determining wages of those pillars and its impact to reduce inflation and here we call documented for the reasons as the following,

Holly1 says():1 – is not lost rights of both parties and not be manipulated by one of them.

2 – it is known to everyone that the most important tributary of the general budget of any country are taxes and those taxes taxes withdrawn of the pillars static and animated Since the ordination of their respective owners evade documenting their contracts with the relevant departments for fear of paying the consequences from the tax fees and these very high percentage may exceed 60% of the existing Hoa_khas estate leased Here the following example:

Holly1 says():a – I live in an alley number Hoa_khash mortgage thirteen constructive mode of a real estate residential him eight leased and Ajaradtha range between 750,000 dinars and 1,500 dinars a month and I’m sure him and that all of those pillars is not registered leases with the tax departments and some of them little registered contracts amounts are not true.

Holly1 says():b – there is also the percentage may exceed the predecessor of the pillars commercial real estate professional and did not register their contracts have circles tax either because their owners to evade the real estate taxes or because tenants in order to evade income tax and profession and thus a considerable disruption to imports of State and the public impact on the duties of service in general and the brown ones infrastructure, health, education, security and other women are many and that may contribute to such taxes a lot to accomplish those duties,

and there is a large proportion of those who evade payment of such taxes in ways subtle because they felt that it would go to the pockets of thieves of public money from politicians and influential in the ruling Loya Mktherhm.

Holly1 says():c / that non – registration of those contracts pillars mortgages as well as pillars animated entail a security flaw:

I have the villainous gangs that purpose to confuse the security situation and that Balajhazaly largest number of innocent civilians by Astojaarham one pillars inside Building commercial and residential without a recording contract and documentation of their belongings to the competent departments had them fill this pillar explosives and then chose the right time to explode

this is what happened in the area of police four o’clock Awaiih what I remember and went a victim of this criminal act , tens of dozens of innocent people , and like her a lot a lot has happened in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities ,

all because of the lack of such contracts be registered with the competent departments and documenting gripping those contracts as well as an event the following: the one of the gangs specialized kidnap citizens and bargain for them and then kill them to rent one of the pillars of residential and without contracts assistant to the implementation of their plans criminal and it took the hostages to those pillars to while getting their wish and then killed bonded and escape from those pillars that ‘s what happened in the tunnel police area and like her a lot in Baghdad and other provinces.

Holly1 says():well as what happens Bahawa_khas animated (vehicles portrayed general) happens , such as what happens Bahawa_khas commercial and residential , but more so for being more flexible and maneuver all this urge and Hdjatm on it and paved the way for their actions criminal and examples not be considered myriad of this is due to lack of documentation and registration of such contracts to the competent departments ,

therefore we demanded and we demand and Muhammad ‘s not distracting pillars mortgages and animated furthest contracts documenting the competent departments and punish violators severely punished.

Holly1 says():Note – there are many ways and the Court compel the exploiters and the owners of those pillars to record exploited decades whatever the opposite subtle. To control so Hoa_khas can be listed if it is needed in addition to other paragraphs we will discuss them later.

Holly1 says():As regards to our request inclusion of these workers with the laws and regulations forced the Social Security and the voluntary and not how you find a lot a lot of workers in the private sector has been displaced families living below the poverty line and the consequent the tragedies and the results were negative for the society in general crazed pen counted result stopped breadwinner ,

which provides them with a decent livelihood because of disability or illness Awalhawwadt or death , which pushes them having to knock on the doors departments of social aid and inappropriately luck will get the money plugging assuage his hunger and they be a burden on those

Holly1 says():circuits and the Balance Sheet of the state, while if they are covered by social security and what happened to them that society has negative consequences Since the amounts that are deducted from those of the buyout security are percentages few for Wardathm and wages,

according to their desire to calculate the amounts it must deduct those amounts and including them in laws and regulations of the social security they want it or not and , as they say (from Soufa and Jtvh) and this has prepared us smile and reassuring to those families after what was misery lose their Ansantehm and the consequent cans of tragedies has permeated the whole society.

Holly1 says():as for the duplication of the professions they Kozdwageh sexual make it tends towards that are more beneficial to him and the other expense also see workers in the public sector of the dual profession in addition to the Mzahmthm mates professions Izawjunha It is from one of inflation Tahek factors for the creation of employment opportunities for the unemployed

and this can not be applied until after the application of paragraph on minimum wage, as well as income minimum captured individual Basha_khas Residential independent which we asked in previous episodes then Accordingly it must pass a resolution which prevents the duplication of professions and thus Novir jobs for many unemployed people.

Holly1 says():As for the issuance of identity of the profession for all employees and disclose all Mmtlklthm from the public and private sectors, which are needed to make them and the paper open in front Anzarba government agencies whatever they were attendants in ways that are invisible as well as prevent the duplication of professions and maintain their money Fixed and bite mobile manipulation and acquired and this will be recognized both got or gets outweigh its resources funds habitual that was illegal or not this in turn will reveal all of the wealthiest without a legitimate face from the start occupation and so far, including those before him and will be the inclusion of all Iraqis ,

the content of this paragraph in the future and in order of priority and will start from birth to death this will know all arcane detail about the citizen by all government agencies and their will be a lot of the preceding paragraphs application and will also be application of the law (where you this) demanded by the majority of the Iraqi people.

finally , it is known that it is the duties of each head of a family that knowledge of all arcane detail concerning his family members to take measures that make them going in the right direction, here are asking you God Did you know the government as the Father sponsor community Me and you and Olakharbn as well as employees Bmeitha nothing but Akecoralakecor information .ozn

how and in what manner and conduct able government that Tsiralmjnma the right direction for this and that we demanded and we demand what we put forward in this episode the previous episodes and that we did not explain it more clearly.

Holly1 says():Q / I Zdtna longing to know to explain more but I was shocked by asking who seeking to overturn the following laws: –
a – customs tariff law.
B – protect the local product law.
C – Consumer Protection Act.
D – Anti – dumping Act.

And cancellation of contracts with international companies for Standardization and quality control as well as advances demanded wait housing, industry and agriculture and then to put a single ration card and social aid and the beneficiaries. I was confused on the matter? Hla clarified us graciously.

Holly1 says():C / you Mathb but in the eighth, God willing. Provided, however , it was convinced by you publish and ask others to publish that convinced them to perhaps up to it from their hands and are careless about

Holly1 says():Iraqis Economists

Holly1 says():Arab countries most wasteful of financial and human resources and opportunities during the past 50 years.

Holly1 says():
Iraq : possessed “everything” can be invested Kmsdra key of wealth but the collapse seemed formally the year 1980 , the orientation of the country towards war and the country had just looked at the events of the biggest economic, scientific leap was to put it in the nineties and the new millennium within the emerging economic nations economically and industrially and financially ( Brazil – and India – and South Africa – Malaysia – Thailand – South Korea) but dispel the financial surpluses of oil and non – oil and the enormous revenues estimated at more than 1,000 trillion dollars brought to the collapse and destruction of the country and go into wars , fragmentation is finished brought to start without economic scratch

Holly1 says():
. # Arabia : although it had sold nearly 100 billion barrels and the country ‘s sprawling owns coasts strategy and positioning of oil since the fifties and backward country still industrially and agriculturally, culturally and omnidirectional revenue and suffering economic crises and volatility of financial and political weakness and dependency and suffering structural , social and cultural problems , despite the waste of these billions is still a country very backward scientifically compared to the wealth squandered on luxury for the elite and investments abroad 5 trillion dollars just in the United States alone.

3. # Libya  landlocked country ‘s sprawling and exports of oil and gas and its people homogeneous and less than 5 million .. and the longest coastline on the Mediterranean and caused isolation and the situation ambiguous and ideologically projects policy pro forma impacted negatively on the economy and squandered wealth and ended the reaction of dropped everything and go through the divided country and subject to the warlords and tribes infrastructure destroyed and shattered everything.

4. # Yemen, a country emerging from civil war , united and seemed invests in everything has an economic and a good tourist resources and site Astarateja but war and differences and inherited the bad and the administration changed the face of the country and squandered his fortune and exposed today to destroy the infrastructure master, dropping the country a lot.

5. # Somalia : caused by the cold war the collapse of countries possessed the longest and most beautiful coast of Africa was to be a famous tourist facades in the world and owned the land and the diversity of bio unbroken and she was to be the birth of the country ‘s location Starateja distinct but totalitarian regimes changed the face of the country and dropped a war for expansion as part of the cold war to Ti_dy country and delve firing laser and became the term Somalization of fragmentation and dispersion and lost a civil war, famine, displacement and mass murder.

6. # Syria : agricultural and industrial producer country with distinction caused by the civil war and interventions politics from the outside of fomenting war caused the fragmentation of industrial cities and farms and caused the largest migration of new intimacy emptied of their content to the governed and nationalities armed groups and the system of fighting five years ago .bddt all Mapna in the country since independence.

7. # Egypt : a  country with land and water and the coast and tourism riches and the location of strategic but it ‘s still a backward country where successive crises as a result of bad management and corruption and economic programs is incomplete economic policies fluctuating between the central and free economy make the country dependent on overseas reviving its economy shuffler debt obligations the country was possible to promote the agricultural revolution and the housing and industrial . but the event is just the opposite.

8. # Sudan :  sprawling Ammeltk water, agricultural and oil resources of the country , but poor management and corruption of the country flooded the country ‘s civil wars and waste of the resources of the country , making it the country is divided into states and live a weak and fragile economy under international sanctions and is still living on foreign imports

9. # Qtr_alkwyt_searan :  countries founded exactly like of the founding of Singapore countries and Hong Kong . Although resources of Muft and gas is very large compared to the small in size and population numbers little ..lm succeed by creating and investment financial and industrial world is similar to Singapore and Hong Kong.

a. # Kuwait weighed the consequences of Saddam ‘s invasion in relatively in 1990 and delayed her return but she stopped despite the passed 16 years to be Taatnavsama Hong Kong and Sankafor to be a financial center despite the possession of the first generations bank growth , “” sovereign wealth fund , the first in the world ”

b. # Bahrain : a country where political consequences and social result of poor management of resources and Ziyal , suffers further actions that may lead to a deterioration It is the worst the country economically Gulf Arab economy in terms of loss suffered by

c. # Qatar : State owned huge gas reserves preferred investment support military projects in the GCC countries in the region is operated civil war and external , such as Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt and Libya. What remains to be ruled out . So the global hub to attract Kalmthal above .

Holly1 says():Oil and gas countries was at least be as a # Emirates and specifically the UAE # Dubai and # Abo_zba switching hub for financial attract free tourism, trade and investment as an example of first despite the fact that everything is done in the employment of migrant and not a local .

This gets blamed on the United Arab Emirates . This program justifies the lack of population The country ‘s demographic and geographic diversity of the country and , despite the money invested # oil and # gas well …  Murtada al-Jabri

Holly1 says():Karbala news

The start of the first train from Tehran to Karbala
http://fk-news.com/61681-.html    LINK

1bobby says to Holly1():When they talk of the poverty level in Iraq, Loop had an article that addressed that. They will start a development fund to address just that 🙂

Holly1 says to 1bobby():Tomorrow Press – infallible: do not plan to kill al-Baghdadi, but his arrest like Saddam and our forces will liberate Mosul by the end of 2016

Holly1 says to 1bobby():  LINK

Holly1 says to 1bobby():Tomorrow Press – Minister of Planning: German loan of 500 million euros within the 2017 budget to include

1bobby says to Holly1():Either way, just get rid of the dude

Holly1 says to 1bobby():   LINK

jetset says():like i have said over the last few weeks, the excitement is more tangible now and it feels more real than ever.

jetset says():we’ve been hearing about all kinds of progress and details for over 10 years now…. finally we are seeing tangible, visible evidence of their progress. it feels different now,

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1bobby says():Courtesy of RCookie:

Central contracts with international companies to “evaluate”the work of banks and show his commitment to the application of international standards

Long-Presse / Baghdad – Revealed the central bank governor on the Keywords, Thursday, for the contracted bank with international companies to evaluate the work of banks, as he emphasized that dealing with the banks will be in accordance with those assessments, as he pointed to the keenness of the bank on the application of international standards on the subject of control, compliance and risk management.

Keywords and said in an interview with (long-Presse), “The banking sector in Iraq is a modern training sector and modern existence, grew up in unfavorable conditions and in an environment of a lot of challenges, but at the same time contain a lot of opportunities,” noting that ” ensure growth and stimulate the banking sector depend on the application of best practices globally agreed and made thanks to which countries in the banking sector. ”

He added Keywords, that “the central bank’s focus, today, on these criteria is very large and is trying to apply the best standards on the subject of control, compliance and risk management,” revealing that “the bank has a big program on the subject began to evaluate the work of banks, through a contract with international companies , it gave indicators and figures for banks operating in Iraq. ”

Keywords noted, that “the bank is employing these observations and used to correct these banks where it will be dealt in accordance with those standards, which will be issued against them in all banking activities of the Bank.”

It consists of the banking system in Iraq (54) banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by ownership between 7 state banks and 23 private banks, including commercial (9) Islamic banks in addition to the 15 branches of foreign banks.

Courtesy RCookie

Read More : http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthread.php?43533-Central-contracts-with-international-companies-to-quot-evaluate-quot-work-of-banks-RCookie

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1bobby says():We should rename the Forums at DU…..The Banking Sector Forum. The news is crazy good
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1bobby says():Tariq Ali: structured finance provided by private banks for phrase beneficiaries reduce poverty levels

Date 10/11/2016 – 18:16  Economy News / Baghdad …Said Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq, he was discussing the creation of the Development Fund is financed by the government and international monetary institutions that fund is aimed at all segments of society and focus on the poor by creating jobs for them makes them able to enter the labor market.

Tariq said in an interview for “Economy News” that “financial inclusion is very important in this important aspect and helps to deliver banking services to a broader segment of society to achieve the goals of development will lead to the achievement of development in all sectors.”

He added that the structured finance provided by private banks for phrase beneficiaries in all segments of society, raising the family’s economy and reduce poverty levels.

Reminds the Committee of Experts in the Prime Minister and the Association of Iraqi private banks examined the proposal during a round the Cabinet table creation of the Development Fund is financed by the government and monetary institutions Atahriash Minister and the Association of Iraqi private banks and the Ministry of Planning.

Read More : http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthread.php?43534-Tariq-Ali-structured-finance-provided-by-private-banks-for-phrase-beneficiaries-redu

1bobby says():That goes along with what Loop brought in about the Development Fund being established 🙂
1bobby says():you could also tie those into what Holly1 brought in. Love this puzzle!

bronclee says():Between election results and all the banking news this week…how can you not get a little bit excited? 🙂

1bobby says(): The Central bank refuses to bury the money and calls on citizens to acquire government bonds

Alsumaria News / Baghdad – Rejected the central bank, on Wednesday, “bury” the money underground, while calling on citizens to purchase government bonds.

The bank said in a statement received Alsumaria News , a copy of which was “noted the increasing incidence of the audience to revisit replace buried currency very large amounts . ” noting that “this process is a negative indicator of the lack of interest in the national currency.

” the bank , “he said the national currency was buried lead to harm deliberately national currency and carries extra Colva,” adding that “currency is a symbol of national sovereignty and symbols.”

The bank called for “citizens ‘ interest in the national currency and not to bury it in the ground and go back to keep them at the government and private banks,” urging them to ” the acquisition of government bonds alternative to hoarding as a means of saving.”

Founded CBI independent bank under the law issued on the sixth of March 2004, as an independent body, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies are being daily sessions for buying and selling currencies.   Alsumaria News

Courtesy RCookie :

1bobby says():Magda Tamimi: Rethinking the fiscal policy has become inevitable

BAGHDAD /tomorrow Press – Confirmed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi, said Tuesday that re-examine the fiscal policy in the country has become inevitable, stressing that it is necessary to diversify the revenue until the economy not be subject to fluctuations in world oil prices and policy affecting the oil market.

She said Tamimi in an interview for “tomorrow’s Press,” that “the general budget still depends largely on the oil revenues, which amounted to about 86%not to mention the absence of other sectors and have yet to find those considering or actual steps of the previous governments and the current to change this approach, it is imperative to restore public finance policy and provide what is more worthy to work with and this is it inevitable to provide subject for discussion”.

She said Tamimi, “it is necessary to diversify its revenue so it is not the economy subject to fluctuations in world oil prices and policy affecting the oil market,” indicating that “it is by stimulating the export subsidy policy and the trend towards investment in the real sector and the importance of opening the door for foreign direct investment as playing a significant role to reduce production costs and improve quality”.

She stressed that “there are ideas and proposals submitted to the Committee and will be discussed in turn after the completion of the vote on the 2017 budget being busy, and will be discussed by effectively to put an end to this file, which repeats its mistakes every year without change”.  Alghadpress.com

Courtesy RCookie






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1bobby says():Central banks will lend banks and civil trillion dinars to revive economy

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi revealed that the Iraqi Central Bank will lend banks and civil banks trillion dinars.

He said the appearance of Mohammed in a press statement that ‘the CBI will be distributed loans worth trillion dinars on private banks estimated fair, under the controls and the ability to manage it.’

Saleh added that ‘the loans will include small and medium enterprises that are active capital and the economic cycle in Iraq’, noting that ‘some of the complaints which may be raised by the private banks, but the central bank is able to solve it’, denying ‘presence Marqlat on loan or delay in distribution’ .

He said the move ‘in order to develop the local economy and resolve the economic problems of the citizens and the support to the initiative of loans launched by the Central Bank of Iraq. ”

The Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords held this week a series of visits included a number of private banks to determine the main obstacles and challenges faced by banks in order to reach one goal, a financial and economic stability.

Courtesy RCookie :

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1bobby says():Keywords: announcement of the classification of banks committed to the central bank standards

Date 11/10/2016 – 18:24  Economy News / Baghdad …Revealed the central bank governor on the Keywords, for the technical committee at the central bank completed Tsneev and evaluate banks and will announce the names of committed banks, the central bank standards, it came in his answers through questions directed at him in a seminar hosted by the Two Rivers Center for dialogue on monetary policy in Iraq .

Keywords and said that the banks that will get the Commission’s assessments will be concluded to increase its stake in the window of the currency as committed in the instructions mechanism and selling at list prices.

He added that the options can not be implemented without the continuation of the currency window to secure the necessary liquidity.

The central bank has adopted standards for banks to enter the auction has been reviewed by an international office.

The participants came up with conviction that no other option at the moment after the window briefed on the advantages and disadvantages.

The symposium recommended the need for stakeholders commitment to media statements insulting the reputation of the country and its economy after the presentation of facts to the participants in the intervention of the President of the Association of Banks, Mr. Wadih Handal said the national currency exists and clean but this does not mean lack of corruption, and we as an organization Mdnielalimkn community to address that but the competent authorities.

The Two Rivers Center for Dialogue and chaired by Mr. Zaid Tlghani one discreet centers.


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1bobby says():Central publishes a schedule prices, gold bullion and coins, and confirms that the latest unavailable

The deployment of the Iraqi Central Bank, on Wednesday, a schedule prices gold bullion and coins for the current week, as he pointed out that the coins are currently unavailable.

Bank and publish a schedule of prices of gold bullion and coins for the current week Alsumaria News received a copy of it, and the table that the specie 15 g and which normally retails for 751 thousand dinars unavailable while the price minted reached 22 carat g 1.099 million dinars and referred to it is currently unavailable.

Table and he explained that alloy 5 g price stood at 260,000 dinars, while the price of alloy 50 g amounted to 2.606 million dinars.

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