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ol lar says():Rapporteur of the Parliament: the legislative recess begins early next December

November 10, 2016 Walter   House of Representatives hearing
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Long – Presse / Baghdad   announced that the House of Representatives decision Niazi architect Ihsanoglu, on Thursday, the first of the month this December will be the beginning of the legislative recess of the Council, while noting a legal public budget approval and crowd the popular end of the month.

Ihsanoglu said in an interview with (long – Presse) , that ” the Iraqi Council of Representatives will work on a legal general budget of the popular crowd and the adoption of such legislative recess beginning this December , ” noting that ” the holiday lasts until the seventh of January of the year 2017?.  LINK
ol lar says():so I guess they will be all done before Dec 1, good lets hope so
Doug_W says():fingers crossed Colorado
Doug_W says():fingers crossed
ol lar says():amen amen amen
clay says to Doug_W():AMEN!!!

ol lar says():is ther a call tonight?
clay says to ol lar():hey brother
ol lar says():Or are we just waiting for a new reality to hit. 😀

baxter says():I read in chat logs that Parliament is going on recess first week of December… is that true?
baxter says():or did I read that wrong

jeffusa says to baxter():just need to take Mosul….

jimplants says():nope you read that right
jeffusa says to baxter():I read until Nov 26th
baxter says):and they are out now until the 26th… wow

jimplants says():they might not be needed they might just have everything done that they need to its the CBI that is behind the IMF and thats who counts

subgirl says to jimplants():that is right… how many times have we seen them go behind closed doors and do alot of work!

subgirl says to jimplants():I really like the closed door deals!!!!
subgirl says to jimplants():they get so much done with that!

jetset says():ASN!
jetset says():any second now.
subgirl says to jetset():yep any time now!

jimplants says():remember the FOI are not driving the bus the IMF is and so,far as we know they have gotten everything theynwant when they want it

jimplants says():GOI

subgirl says to jimplants():yes you are right… they have gotten everything done that needs to be done… IMF and WTO!!! 🙂

jetset says to jimplants():yes – CBI & IMF are running the show

subgirl says to jimplants():lots of news coming out of Iraq!!!
subgirl says to jeffusa():I heard that lol

spike says():Do we know if Hutch or BGG will be having a call soon for updates and follow up

dinarstudent says():i really love the news ,but i still do not see a change in value in the dinar until 2017

magnetlady says():spike not sure, they were supposed to have one last night, but it was postoned.
magnetlady says():I’m sure they will either have a Chat Room Newstime or call soon.

BGG says():Spike – there will be calls coming soon.

moneymom says():goodevening….sweet love the calls most of all cannt wait thanks BGG
BGG says to moneymom():We all try – but we try to have a life too…

BGG says to moneymom():takes so much to host / have a call… me – Hutch – RCookie – MadDScout… it’s a HUGE time commitment.

BGG says to moneymom():it is getting easier and easier… seems like the news every day or two warrants a call.

moneymom says():BGG…yes huge time commitment for sure, wish I had the knowledge to understand the articles and the time to help on this site, Im keeping the family afloat right now with 2 full time jobs. So as you see, I really appreciate everyone, and the calls like I said are great ….

BGG says to moneymom():We feel you – working
BGG says to moneymom():all day long every day too…

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