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rcookie says():THAT NOURI…WHAT A CARD…….
Iraq Vice President : Iran the sole country helped Iraq stand up to Daesh
Tehran, Jan 2, IRNA – Iraqi Vice-President Nouri al-Maliki said on Monday that Iran was the sole country which helped Iraq stand up to Daesh and Takfiri terrorist groups.
Iraq Vice President : Iran the sole country helped Iraq stand up to Daesh
He made the remarks in a press conference in Tehran.
Although some countries declared their readiness to help Iraq in fight against terrorism, it was only Iran, which practically helped Iraq in this concern, Maliki said.
Iraq armed forces did not have enough weaponry gainst Daesh, but, Iran equipped the Iraqi Army as an important assistance to Iraq which led to overcome Daesh.
He said that his visit to Iran aims to develop ties and that relations between Tehran and Baghdad is close and strategic.
Maliki strongly criticized Saudi government for stirring up terrorism in the region.
The Iraqi VP and Secretary General of Iraq al-Dawa Party arrived in Tehran on Saturday to consult with Iranian senior officials.
He was prime minister of Iraq during years of 2006 to 2014.
subgirl says to rcookie():cant believe that Nouri lol that is toooo much! lol
BGG says():He’s still stirring up sectarian strife… snuggling up to Iran and calling all the Arab nations (Sunnis) – BAD…
BGG says():which is one of the things the UN/IMF/WB want to be dealt with – they’ve had enough.
tman23 says():Shi’ite politician and former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Sunday met with Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, discussing the political and security developments in the region as well as bilateral ties between Baghdad and Tehran.
According to a press release by Maliki’s office, Khamenei told Maliki during the meeting, “I think your role in Iraq’s history won’t be forgotten.”
This remark, however, has led political observers into different interpretations as some believe it is an end to Maliki’s role in Iraq’s political process.
Sadiq al-Musawi, a political analyst with the independent Iraqi Media Center, believes that Maliki has been indirectly informed by the Iranian supreme leader that he is no longer a decision-making figure in Iraq’s political circle and is appointing different figures for high-ranking positions.
He posted on his Facebook account, “Khamenei forced Maliki into retirement.”
subgirl says to Doug_W():from 1bobby

subgirl says to Doug_W():Kurdish Deputy stresses the need to speed up the end positions the agency administered
2017/1/2 16:22 {Baghdad: Euphrates news}
Kurdistan Alliance Deputy said Ares Abdullah the need to speed up the end positions are administered by the Agency.
He {the Euphrates news} Monday, “one of the problems is the State Department acting positions and that it needs serious decisions from the Government for the purpose of ending this file”, noting that “the Government cannot resolve the issue of frequent interventions and political parties.
She was Deputy Representative liberal block Magda Tamimi has confirmed yesterday that “the unresolved Security Ministers will lead to youth migration out of the country and returns a kidnapping case.
Saad Al-Hadithi, spokesman of Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, confirmed on 14 December last, the names of the candidates for the vacant ministries will Prime Minister Haider Abadi, after the House of representatives. ”
And Al-Hadithi {Euphrates news} House, now enjoys the legislative recess will probably reach for two months until it starts to reconvene “,
explaining that” Declaration of candidate names filled the vacant ministries Department and agency administered up to the Prime Minister, pointing out that {Prime} will list for Parliament if held after the legislative recess.
The House speaker Selim Jabouri, announced on the 7th of December last, the first legislative term ends for the third parliamentary session legislative year 3, after Parliament’s vote on the federal budget bill for the next year 2017
Movack says():you got to love that —- good day BGG
Movack says():BGG what was the date on that article
BGG says():Today.
Movack says():ty
Movack says():anyone have pictures of any on the new currency?
Doug_W says():Revealed on the Keywords Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency, he began to develop the first steps of the support of the Iraqi dinar project.
Keywords and said in a statement, said that the aim of the deletion of three zeros is to support the Iraqi dinar, and make it a competitor to foreign currencies, pointing out that this strategic project will serve the country ‘s economy, as the dinar will be included in the global basket of currencies in the vital exchanges.
He added that the bank is working on mechanisms for the implementation of the project, it is expected to start at the beginning of 2017.
He pointed out that the introduction of the new currency does not mean the destruction of ancient coins, but will continue to trade for about 10 years
Doug_W says():that is music as well Mov
Movack says():agreed
hutch says():Does anyone have a link?
Doug_W says():to that article Hutch?
Movack says():that would be nice
BGG says to hutch():   Yeah –     http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/
BGG says to hutch():  or the source…   LINK
david334 says():Hi can this link be verified? https://dinardetectives.org/arabian-business/
Movack says():you would think that they could use pictures of the new currency rather then the old stuff if this is a CBI article
hutch says():I looked at that earlier, It appears to be the same wording, but re released today by a different agency.
Doug_W says():it did seem like a repeat to me as well

hutch says():Great news either way !!!!
Movack says():yes it is
Doug_W says():that article was from 11/8/16 originally
Movack says():so it is a reprint ???????
horsegal says():wow!
Doug_W says():its almost word 4 word the same even same pic
Movack says():well either way we are here in the new year lets just hope and pray it takes place as stated
Doug_W says():NOW would be nice but I think they still have a few things to be “tweaked” first we are CLOSE
MeginHim says to BGG():Does Shabibi have to be there for them to RV?
woodywoodpecker says():I say no
subgirl says():I say NO
Elane says():No…
Movack says():most definatly not but the honor is his
hutch says to MeginHim():Look at it this way… What if Shabibbi passed away? Does that mean that Iraq could never have a value change?
subgirl says to hutch():exactly!
Dr Dave says():Shabs is in his eighties isn’t he?
jetset says():he is 75
jetset says():born july 1, 1945
Mudder says to jetset():That doesn’t add up…lol better try again
Dr Dave says():Thanx …I think he is ready to retire …hehe
john09 says():shabibbi born july 1st 1941
BGG says to MeginHim():I doubt it.
Holly1 says():DID ANYONE BRING THIS IN YET>Capital of private banks will rise to 8 trillion dinars in 2016
Editor: AB 02/01/2017 15:24 Number of Views: 882
da58 says():paul-o… I think it ‘stems’ from this… but a bit of a diff take.. this article is from nov just due to the similarity.. but has been republished today as if it is new..
JR67 says to Holly1():Is there more on that news Holly?
Doug_W says to da58):11/8 to be exact
clay says to Doug_W():lets hope they finally do it this time
Doug_W says():amen Bro
Pablo says to clay():Well, there’s been no reports statng that they’re delaying, so let’s hope something happens in the next few days.
JR67 says():BBl Have a great day!!!
Doug_W says():hiya 67
clay says to Pablo():yep lets hope
Holly1 says to JR67():sorry was looking for news yes more to it …
Holly1 says to JR67():Capital of private banks will rise to 8 trillion dinars in 2016
Holly1 says to JR67():Long-Presse / Baghdad
Announced the Association of private banks, high private banks working capital by 15% through 2016 worth eight trillion dinars, as revealed that these funds make up 78.2% of the proportion of the Iraqi banking sector and capital, it suggested that the money and assets capital go up in 2017 to good growth rates .
Holly1 says to JR67():assets capital go up in 2017 to good growth rates .
The executive director of the Association of Private banks Ali Tariq vacationer in a statement received (long-Presse) a copy of it, that “the number of private banks in Iraq is 55 banks, including trade, investment and financing and Islamic banks and branches of Arab and foreign banks reached their capital,
at the end of the year past 2016 borders ( 8) trillion dinars and an increase of 15% from last year, “noting that” the capital of those banks accounted for 78.2% of the total banking sector and capital. ”
He predicted vacationer, that “the money and assets capital go up in 2017 to good growth rates for the purpose of accessing banking density to the top of the current increase, after the central bank holiday, a number of Islamic banks, which will lead to a rising number of banking products and services in the introduction to the public in the same year “.
Holly1 says to JR67():He favored vacationer, that “there is a significant increase in the number of open accounts with private banks from within the project of resettlement of civil servants’ salaries in the banking sector, in addition to the growing interest in electronic payment cards of private banks are moving to the citizens they provide.”
The banking system in Iraq consists of 54 banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by ownership between 7 state banks and 23 commercial banks, including special (9) Islamic banks in addition to the 15 branches of foreign banks.
Holly1 says to JR67():Iraq has suffered from the financial and economic crisis as a result of lower oil prices worldwide and is a one-sided economy based on oil exports to finance its budget every year without relying on non-oil resources.
Holly1 says to JR67):(F)
kalis says):good afternoon
kalis says():how we all doing this last holiday day off before going to working
kalis says():hey what happen to rv .??
clay says to kalis():GA 🙂
JR67 says to Holly1():Thank YOU Holly(F)
hutch says to kalis():Was it scheduled to happen?
Holly1 says():Karbala news   1 hr ·
Holly1 says to hutch():some say no delays hmmmmmmmmmm i read above ({)
Holly1 says():Entering the first three ships in the new year loaded with cars and different materials to umm qasr
Holly1 says():(F)
kalis says to Holly1()::D
baxter says):Thx Holly…. appreciate it
kalis says():no it was not .lol
Pablo says to Doug_W():Let’s hope we have a birth real soon.
baxter says():amen Pablo…
Dr Dave says):cessarian?
baxter says):Yep… thats quicker..
clay says to Dr Dave):either way is good 4 me 🙂
clay says to Dr Dave():just hurry
clay says to Dr Dave():papa wants to retire
Dr Dave says():Clearance for landing……
clay says to Dr Dave():sounds like a plan
Dr Dave says():I do mind hurrying its the waiting…..
clay says to Dr Dave():tired of the waiting
clay says to Dr Dave():its about time
Doug_W says():waiting takes TOO long
clay says to Doug_W():4 sure
clay says():there you go
Doug_W says to clay():soon all those bills will be a uniform size Pal
Doug_W says to clay():4 use in an ATM
baxter says):are those the new bills?
clay says():soon
Doug_W says to clay():no Bax
clay says():yes Bax
Doug_W says to clay():nope
clay says():yes
baxter says():Ok… thx..
clay says():the 50 no?
Doug_W says to clay():they will all B the same size I tell U 4 use in teh atms
clay says():we need the 25
clay says():I agree with you there
clay says():we don’t need the ATM’s to jam the 1st day (lol)
Doug_W says to clay():4 sure
baxter says)::)
Dr Dave says():i want FILS
clay says():coins?
Dr Dave says():yeppers
Doug_W says():I have one Dave
clay says():are they the gold ones
Doug_W says():but its from Sadams palace when we raided it
clay says to Doug_W():4 real?
Doug_W says():yes
clay says to Doug_W():oh ok is it gold
Doug_W says():its made from Stanley steel
Dr Dave says():cool
clay says to Doug_W():a souvenier
Dr Dave says():hehe
Doug_W says():confiscated by an OLD army buddy and given to me
clay says to Doug_W():very nice
Doug_W says():cute Digi
clay says to Doug_W():hey Digi
digiman1 says():hiya clay 🙂
Doug_W says():he was a Sgt Major in charge of the batallion that had the men who raided his palace after he was cought
Doug_W says):cought in a hole like the rat he was
Doug_W says():hey Bax its 86 here now what is it up there?
Doug_W says():I woder how long the budget will be onPresident “M’s” desk be 4 he signs it
BGG says to Doug_W():Doesn’t matter that much – at some point, with or without him signing it – it becomes law.
BGG says to Doug_W():(as I recall…)
Doug_W says():my thought on him not siogning it is maybe because they need those 2 weeks to “finish” B4 its made public
clay says to Doug_W():or he’s busy
clay says to Doug_W():lol
Doug_W says():that’s IT Clay
clay says to Doug_W():lol
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