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rcookie says(): 2017 budget include the deduction of “4.8%” of all staff and the salaries of retirees to support the popular crowd and IDPs (Details)

25-10-2016 03:44 PM Hits: 299 Orbit News – A parliamentary source disclosed on Tuesday, said the draft next year ‘s budget law of 2017 stipulates that the popular crowd Ststqta salaries of employees and pensioners in a new step for the support of the crowd and the displaced.

The source said in a press statement, that ‘ the draft budget law for next year 2017 that sent by the Cabinet to the parliament to ensure the deduction of 4.8% of all employees and pensioners to support the popular crowd and displaced people have been’.

The text of the draft law comes in :

Based on what passed the House in accordance with the provisions of the first item of Article 61 and Item III of Article 73 of the Constitution

President of the Republic has decided to issue the following law:

Law Authority popular crowd forces its subsidiaries:

Article (1): Authority popular crowd and the forces of him not be a problem under Diwani No. command (91) in the February 24, 2016 constituted enjoys moral personality is part of the Iraqi armed forces and associated General Commander of the Armed Forces.

Article (2): First , this configuration is subject Mnzboh window and military laws in all respects.

Second: enjoy Associates of forming all the rights and privileges guaranteed by military law and other relevant laws.

Article (3): The provisions of this Act shall apply to employees of the formation , starting from June 13, 2014.

Article (4): Configuration tasks define peripheral and units and staff and other administrative and technical, financial and organizational affairs under the system issued by the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

The reasons:

In order to organize the popular crowd and forces its affiliates and to ensure the rights and Dhuehm, this law was enacted.

rcookie says():The deaths of dozens of “Daesh” in a popular revolt in Mosul

ARAB WORLD 10/25/2016 14:38 (Updated 14:45 25/10/2016) Copy the link 0 48 1 0 Thairon civilians clashed in the city of Mosul, north of Baghdad, with the organization “Daesh”, and managed to kill dozens of elements “Daesh”, on Tuesday, to coincide with the significant progress achieved by Iraqi forces to liberate the province nine days ago.

The reporter learned “Sputnik” in Iraq from a local source, the men from Wadi Hajar area at the right side of Mosul, clashed with elements of the “Daesh” late in the night and into the early morning hours. © AFP 2016 / AHMAD AL-RUBAYE Iraqi forces liberated villages east of Mosul The source, who kept to be named, that the rebellious civilians, were killed about 60 component of the organization “Daesh” who responded campaign of raids and searches and arrests involving more than 400 people from the people of the Valley of Stone.

The source says, The Valley of popular character stone area, inhabited by a majority of its adherents to the army and police from the people of Mosul, including those who announced his repentance for the organization after Tejearh between slaughter and repentance.

Among those who were arrested by the organization “Daesh”, affiliated to the retired or left the police post before more than 10 years, according to the same source.

Experiencing the city of Mosul, the arrest operations affecting civilians and ex-security men on charges of spying and cooperation with the Iraqi forces, carried out by “Daesh” organization, which has dominated it since mid-2014.

Faces “Daesh” terrorist organization who carried out the heinous and multiple crimes in Nineveh and its center of Mosul, Iraq’s second city residents after the capital Baghdad, an end in the province before the broad and substantial progress Iraqi forces backed peshmerga fighters minorities and members of the clans and the international coalition against terrorism.

And achieved liberation of Nineveh, which entered its ninth hour since its launch on October / October 17, major victories where forces killed more than 800 component of the “Daesh” and the restoration of some 80 villages.

monique13 says():Whoo! Go Iraq!!

rcookie says():”3? scenarios for the prospects of developments in Iraq, after the battle of Mosul (Details)

25-10-2016 02:47 PM Hits: 971 Orbit News – Most observers Almanmtn combines the affairs of the Middle East , in Russia at the Battle of Mosul , was nearing its end, but it is possible to control the city before the US elections. Against the backdrop of the approaching success of the coalition headed by the United States Bmahtmh exacerbated internal contradictions and differences in the Iraqi ranks.

Experts doubt seen the optimism shown by Baghdad. According to the Takimathm overcome Daesh will not be easy, even after control of Mosul, because the likelihood of the development of events in Iraq would play into the favor of the jihadists. Magazine «power» Weekly issued in Moscow on Monday and painted three scenarios for the anticipated developments in Iraq.

The first evaluated by the magazine shifts in power similar to 1979, when he shoveled Saddam Hussein Ahmed al- Bakr, who controlled the power. She said this scenario involves the collapse of takeover Daesh and the Shiite clergy militants on power.

She noted that in the event that the chairs in this case cleric Moqtada al – Sadr ‘s interim government, will be the war against jihadists postponed indefinitely, because the battle for power will require the withdrawal of security forces battalions from the front. Another negative point in this scenario is that it will provide a new argument with the Kurds to establish their own independent state entity.

He said the Iraqi army today is united in its inclinations and Olaouath: There are a lot of officers , for example , sympathize with the former Prime Minister Nuri al – Maliki, while soldiers tend to Muqtada al – Sadr. She »that all of this could lead to the outbreak of civil war».

rcookie says():And at the discretion of the magazine, the second scenario could be the military ‘s seizure of power. Noting that, due to the weakness of the Iraqi army, the consolidation of the military junta feet will depend on the reactions and the position of Ayatollah Ali al – Sistani , leader of all Shiites.

It does not rule out rejection of supporters of al – Sadr and al – Maliki to give up power to the leaders of the army. In this case Vsiiein on the military junta to go to war on several fronts.

That will be done against the backdrop that the Iraqi army is versed overcome Daesh, and should be taken into account also that the army , as noted , is a unified and distributor in inclinations among several directions and different loyalties and Alarataahat.

The third scenario evaluated according to the magazine «power« is the best for Iraq and is limited to maintaining the status quo fragile. This depends only Bhadrak effective Iraqi forces, preferences peace and stability on all forms of strife and its repercussions and the thirst for revenge and extremist positions.

And it went on to say that possible for technocratic government or the alliance should be formed, setting the agenda for reforms , and even prepare for new parliamentary elections. And it suggested that Ayatollah al – Sistani, Washington and even Iran would support such a development, since the arrival of the chest of the rule would weaken Iran ‘s allies in Iraq, and that the military would step up the severity of strife between Shiite component elements.

She noted that the compromise requires two points are important taken : the invitation Ayatollah Alsistnana for dialogue between all the components and currents, and this is possible and secondly cooperation between the United States and Iran, which opinion is less likelihood, given the face of the extended 50 years ago between the two countries as well as deep differences between them .

rcookie says(): She said the Pentagon ‘s exchange rate in recent years to the task of combating Islamic state in Iraq ‘s approximately $ 6.5 billion. The volume of humanitarian aid for Iraq , $ 15 million, less than a quarter of military aid.

She expressed the conviction that the United States and even when there is a sincere desire to have, will be unable to bring a constant peace in Iraq. It does not rule out that , according to the White House scenario, Iraq will be placed in a «box Somalia» any Announces Washington despair of it and leave it alone. In any case it will have to be on the Iraqis, who do not have sufficient capacity, rebuild their country themselves.

He concluded by saying that Iraq is not an exception to the majority of Middle Eastern countries, where each one of his enemy. And that the control of Mosul , Iraqis will not get rid of all the adversity and problems. And that the fate of the Middle East countries will depend on the extent of powers / National Religious region any agreement Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds … confirmed but it is difficult to talk now about unity ».

rcookie says(): OPEC president up Iraq and emphasizes the importance of the role of the last oil market stability

Tuesday October 201 625 13:56 Alsumaria News / Baghdad ‘s Oil Ministry announced on Tuesday, the arrival of the President of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to Iraq, while stressing the importance of the role of Iraq , the stability of the world oil market as the second product of oil in the organization.

The spokesman said the ministry , Assem Jihad , in an interview with Alsumaria News that ” the OPEC president Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo arrived in Iraq on an official two – day visit to discuss with the Ministry of oil on the oil markets. ”

He said Barkindo” the importance of Iraq , the stability of the oil market as the second largest in terms of production within OPEC , “noting that” Iraq is an active and important country and shareholders the establishment of the organization, as he hosted the first meeting of the organization in the early sixties of the last century. ”

He added that “Iraq will have an impact not only within the organization but also in the world thanks to its wealth and a large legacy , ” explaining that “my visit comes to support as one of the largest exporters and producers within the organization.”

For his part, Jihad said that “Barkindo touch response with officials oil Ministry in support of Iraq to the efforts of the organization to reach informed decisions serve producers and claim to the world oil market stability. ”

while expressing oil Minister Jabbar Ali Hussein Allaibi” optimism to reach producers to decisions that serve and support the oil market , “explaining that” Iraq is one seeking to support the efforts of Secretary General of the Organization of rounding to the views between producers inside and outside the organization. ”

He continued Allaibi that” Iraq is always seeking to stabilize the oil market and create some kind of balance between supply and demand, in addition to the convergence of views among all the producing parties, which it did actually done during the last meeting of the organization in Algeria for the convergence of views between Saudi Arabia and Iran. ”

among Allaibi that” Iraq calls always right natural levels of current production, which amounts to 4.774 million barrels per day. ”

the members of the Organization of petroleum Exporting countries is seeking to reach an agreement to install its oil production in an effort to raise oil prices , which dropped dramatically after he arrived in less than $ 25 per barrel during January 2016.

rcookie says():Anbar announces the re-run a modern refinery at full production capacity

Tuesday October 201 625 11:50 Alsumaria News / Baghdad announced Anbar province, on Tuesday, for the re – run at full production capacity of modern refinery, saying it continues to rehabilitate all the health, educational and service facilities generality of the province.

The governor said Suhaib al- Rawi said in a statement received Alsumaria News , “it was re – run a modern refinery at full capacity productivity, in coordination with the concerned authorities in the Ministry of oil, part of restoring stability to maintain the plan. ”

He said the narrator, “The Oil Ministry has instructed the competent authorities to provide the raw product to the refinery, and to create all the conditions for sustainability of production, and to provide better service to the people of the judiciary, and across the province.”

He noted the narrator that ” the province is continuing to rehabilitate all the health, educational and service facilities in the pan the province, in coordination with the concerned authorities in the central government, and the Center for Development of the United Nations (UNDP), and the international community, to ensure the safe return and stable pan displaced. ”

witnessed Anbar province , military operations during the last period after the control of the organization” Daesh ” on them, which led to damage and vandalism most of its infrastructure.

rcookie says():Electricity announces extinguish the energy for a number of shops in the Karkh

Tuesday October 201 625 10:34 Alsumaria News / Baghdad announced that the Ministry of Electricity, Wednesday, for the fire power for a number of shops in the Karkh district, attributed the reason for maintenance purposes. The

ministry said in a statement Sumerian received News copy of ” The General Directorate for the distribution of Karkh electricity, and in coordination with overseeing the rehabilitation project Schneider substations, will turn off the secondary stations at seven in the morning until seven in the evening. ” The

ministry said the ” shops covered by the switching off of the day October 25 is the Amiriyah station Baghdad factory to produce medical gases – Department of lighting for shops (628 630, 632 634 638 ) , “pointing out that” the stores covered by switching off for tomorrow October 26 station station – streams Amiriyah station – green sewer plant – stores Hittin both (626-632-634- 938-639). ”

She ministry that ” the fire will also plant the message, Albuaath – Arab Jabour – 5 acres for the locality of 846 will be held on 24 and October 25.”

Iraq has been suffering from a shortage of electric power, which reflected negatively on citizens ‘ processing power and increased hours of private Alannagaa in a season with high summer temperatures.

rcookie says):Elite “Daesh” end its existence the left coast and move weight to the alleys of the old Mosul

Tuesday October 201 625 15:48 Alsumaria News / Nineveh According to a local source in Nineveh province, on Tuesday, that one of the most elite battalions in organizing “Daesh” ended its existence suddenly on the left coast of the city of Mosul and moved weigh the ancient alleys of the right coast of the city, as he emphasized, and there are doubts that these alleys have become a haven task of leadership in the organization .

The source said in an interview with Alsumaria’s News, he said that “the so-called Army of brackish and is one of the most elite combat battalions in the organization Daesh existence ended abruptly coast left in the city of Mosul,” noting that “the battalion gave the functions of the security points to the armed elements of the organization.” .

The source, who asked not to be named, said: “brackish Army moved his weight to ancient alleyways on the right coast, Mosul amid doubts that those alleyways that characterized her foot and narrow lanes have become a safe haven for the task of leadership in the organization Daesh.”

He revealed a local source in Nineveh province, on Monday, that the organization of “Daesh” The booby-trapped bridges and main roads in the left coast of the city of Mosul, also confirmed that the majority of the militants, the organization withdrew into the right coast with Iraqi forces approached.

The commander of the anti-terrorism device Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi, on Monday (24 October 2016), that the security forces embarked on the task of clearing the areas towards the city of Mosul, and explained it at a distance of 5 to 6 km from the periphery of the city.

rcookie says():AUCTIONS AT $152 MILLION……

rcookie says():Turkey looming ground operation in northern Iraq

Ankara -arac Press October -25: threatened Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu born Jawish that his country would not hesitate to undertake a military operation in northern Iraq in the event of ” a direct terrorist threat” for the Turkish territories, including “ground operation”.

The minister said in a television interview on one of the Turkish local channels afternoon, Tuesday: “In the event of a threat against Turkey , we will use all our capabilities , including the launch of a ground operation.”

Turkey is trying to participate in the restoration process of Mosul , under the pretext of protecting the area of demographic change, but Baghdad rejects this review sparking undecided between the two parties.

On the United States ‘ support for the US organization “PYD” in Syria , the minister said: ” The United States told us more than once that cooperation with” PYD “means in support of terrorism.” In reference to the People’s Protection Units Kurdish in Syria.

” The United States told us that the weapons provided by Washington for the PYD and YPG in Syria found her in possession of the PKK. ”

This was the minister in the Kurdish militants threatened to “Manbej” that if they did not withdraw from the city, the Turkish troops will enter and graduate from there itself .anthy (1)

rcookie says():Personal driver for Qusay , Saddam ‘s arrest on charges of participating Kirkuk attack

Author: AB, MA Editor: AB, HH 10/25/2016 16:22 Number of Views: 35
Long-Presse / Kirkuk A security source in Kirkuk province, on Tuesday, that the security force arrested a number of wanted men, including personal driver for the son of the former president Qusay Saddam Hussein, accused of participating in the attack, which was carried out by the organization (Daesh) on the Kirkuk province, (250 kilometers) north of Baghdad, on Friday the past.

The source said in an interview with (long-Presse), “The joint force of police and Peshmerga able, today, to arrest a number of wanted accordance with article IV of the anti-terrorism law, during a security operation carried out in the regions of Iachta and Imam exercisers in Daquq district, south of Kirkuk.” noting that “among those arrested the driver for your son of former President Saddam Hussein, Qusay, Nizar Mahmoud Abdul Ghani.”

The source, who asked not to be named, said: “intelligence confirmed his participation in the attack on the Kirkuk province, at dawn on Friday (21 October 2016),” adding that “information confirms that three of the brothers Abdul Ghani belonging to organize ( Daesh). ”

It is noteworthy that (Daesh) attacked Kirkuk, at dawn on Friday (21 October 2016), and seized several areas where before security forces could thwart it, killing or injuring dozens and causing substantial material damage.

The terrorist attack sparked renewed criticism about the lack of editing areas south of Kirkuk and west of (Daesh), what constitutes “a constant threat” to the security of the province and its stability, especially that the security forces have surrounded the area for several weeks, and that the visit engineer and Ameri can be a prelude to the start of the count reverse to launch a large-scale security operation to liberate those areas basically founded on the popular crowd forces.

It is noteworthy that (Daesh) captured the areas in the district of Hawija and Riyadh, and aspects of the Abbasid and Zab, in (the tenth of June 2014).

rcookie says():Currency auction burden on the Iraqi economy

October 25, 2016 in the versions of the center comments on the auction currency closed burden on the Iraqi economy

In the midst of political and economic crisis of Iraq today faces challenges of its economy is the largest in its history , From the structure of the structural, rentier nature and that was the main focus of successive crises and especially during the past two years because of the collapse in oil prices and slumping later, not to mention the political and security reasons that accompanied the occupation of the territory and vital cities in the north of the country.

Rentier economy in Iraq will depend entirely on oil revenues, which constitute more than 90% of its imports, and as a result of crisis, oil prices, the Iraqi economy has received numerous tremors internally and externally was toppled by making credit rating to “negative” by the agency “Fitch” global.

We discussed in previous articles the issue of the currency auction in Iraq, and Pena size of the enormous waste that gets under the currency auction, and how the currency auction exceeded imports of oil, which made us shed light on the foreign reserves,

and that this auction may exceed to sell some of the foreign and n reserves of the Bank Central where he arrived in the first quarter of this year, oil revenue to 3 billion and 269 million dollars, while the total central bank sales of the currency in the same period amounted to 5 billion and 821 million dollars,

and of course this difference is too large, and raises doubts about the figures where this amount was not for spending on imports because the latter were not the size of the revenue, and some also wondered who was to buy at this auction and for whom?

According to the achievement of the committees of the House of Representatives of Iraq and international reports has been wasted and looted the amount of $ 312 billion over the past years, the proceeds of oil pumped Central Bank of Iraq to the market, most of which had been transferred abroad.

Read More : http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthread.php?42913-Currency-auction-burden-on-the-Iraqi-economy-10-25&p=164270#post164270

rcookie says():The day after the persistently high exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar in the local markets and the absence of the real role of the Central Bank to address this problem, it seems the Iraqi dinar is in danger of collapse, thus rising inflation and entering into a severe economic crisis.

Therefore, the continuation of the central bank sold the dollar in larger quantities from Iraq’s income from foreign currency as a result of the export of crude oil is a service of corrupt and called the term “whales” and cost Iraq losses of hundreds of billions of dollars, in addition to the billions that were stolen over the past years.

According to private information obtained links Research and Strategic Studies Center for a meeting between the number of banks and banking employers in the Baghdad area Jadiriyah The theme of the meeting about the dollar and the need to reduce its price on the black market has a number of whales threatened to auction the issuance of the decision to limit the auction a limited number of banks,

some of them said that they were able to in all aspects of the state control, and the price of the dollar and they reject the dollar sell the asset in their accounts abroad, and of one who attended the meeting $ 350 million exists only when five people only, or five banks, according to sources,

links the center of the President Minister Haider al-Abadi, is following this issue carefully and that he considers issuing important decisions which exempt officials at the central bank from office and openness of some state officials and political parties of links to some of the private banks and the prime minister in waiting completes the picture has, and follow up on whether the sell-off in favor of reliable banks or No, to take a very critical decisions, including the number of stop banks from entering the auction for pending lawsuits filed against it.

Read More : http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthread.php?42913-Currency-auction-burden-on-the-Iraqi-economy-10-25&p=164270#post164270

rcookie says():It is expected that there will be a reduction of the dollar to avoid penalties that may be imposed by the Prime Minister on the banks and those violators.

Once again, we will address the subject of an auction Eulma in the Iraqi Central Bank to have done this file are important for the Iraqi economy, where the central bank sells in daily auction of dollar amounts sometimes exceeding 130 million, mostly in remittances and is priced at 1182 dinars to the dollar.

The thorny issue here, is the difference between the selling price in the market who arrives in the market to 1300 dinars to the dollar, while the exchange rate is sold to partisan views and influential up to 1182 per dollar, according to quotas, which in turn sell it at the prevailing market.

Here we refer again to the currency and operations auction is a big burden on the Central Bank of Iraq and the economy in general, which of course is a window to support specific destinations As mentioned, thus it is considered a real blight on the central bank, and cash reserves.

The data suggest that Iraq’s debt is today 77% of GDP, while safety is the ratio of public debt to GDP between 60-70%.

The estimated loss of Iraq, hundreds of millions of dollars because of the control of mafias and whales market through the monopoly of the currency auction for certain destinations, and dominate them. He indicated that the US dollar exchange rate in the Iraqi market price of 1310 dinars selling price while the purchase price of 1,300 dinars per one dollar.

As is known, the dollar is the engine of commodity markets in Iraq, as the country imports most of its overseas markets president.

Read More : http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthread.php?42913-Currency-auction-burden-on-the-Iraqi-economy-10-25&p=164270#post164270

rcookie says():The US dollar was trading in the Iraqi market this week at 1310 dinars, compared to about 1129 dinars to the dollar before the outbreak of war in Mosul, which experts see as a sign of the weakness of the central bank’s policy.

This increase is the result of the opinion of the experts of the Central Bank’s policy, and the decline of the dinar exchange rate against the dollar caused by the adoption of the central bank of some private banks and not others in an auction sale of the currency and the weakness in monitoring the performance of these banks. ”

Over the past 13 years, Iraq has become an arena for the corrupt, has a group of influential Iraqis led the looting of public money is very large operations, and Iraq’s coffers are empty, and this flaw revealed the collapse of oil prices two years ago.

Large and enormous challenges facing Iraq economically and politically, and the excesses of the money Iraq and its potential to the benefit of influential figures without supervision or follow-up, which is cast on the Iraqi government responsible for legislation, strict law along the lines of other countries, and monitor the work of the central bank auction of the currency, which has become today as a destructive element of the economy Iraq, as well as accounting for the corrupt agent of the Iraqi economy up to a dead-end tunnel can not return it.

Unit Economic Studies



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rcookie says():It killed 23 terrorists of the (Daesh) pounding Airline Iraqi army in Mosul 25/10/2016 – 16:53 killed 23 terrorists of the (Daesh) pounding Airline Iraqi army in Mosul2016-10-25T16: 53: 05 + 00: 00 Arabs and the world

BAGHDAD – ASHA Killed 23 members of the organization (Daesh) terrorist were killed as a result of the bombing of the Iraqi army aviation regulators sites in the northern and southern axes of operations edit Mosul, Nineveh province in northern Iraq Center.

Iraqi Army Aviation and raided Daesh locations within the axis of Qayyarah south of Mosul in Ninawa Governorate, killing 16 terrorists inside the headquarters was bombed northwest hand “] advice.”

Iraqi Defense Ministry said the air strikes destroyed a car bomb and a mine-affected homes were holed up terrorists, in addition to the destruction of weapons and military equipment warehouse inside a horticulture and two other vehicles district] advice.

In the northern hub for the Liberation of Mosul, the military aviation destroyed two armored single-machine gun and bombed a site for terrorists and killed five militants and two snipers near the “Tall Afar.”

On the other hand, the chairman of the parliamentary security and defense of quitting held a meeting with military and security leaders during his visit to the northern hub for the Liberation of Mosul, accompanied by a number of members of the Committee of Representatives of Iraqis.

He said that the battle with Zamili Daesh military foregone conclusion, and said that the terrorist organization morale collapsed and broken the morale of the Iraqi fighters are very high and they have a rush to break into Mosul and Nineveh province edit.

rcookie says():Iraqi forces have achieved further progress towards Mosul and the international coalition is considering his options

Oct 25, 2016 Kerkoh- AFP b- Tuesday Iraqi forces are around the corner from the eastern axis of the city of Mosul, at a time when ministers held the international coalition led by the Washington meeting in Paris on Tuesday to discuss the developments of the attack against the last stronghold of the jihadists in Iraq defense.

Ankara has said it may launch a ground operation in northern Iraq in order to eliminate any “threat” to its interests.

Ground, the forces were preparing the crowd of popular pro-government forces to open a new hub in the western side of Mosul area, in order to cut the road to the organization of the Islamic state elements who are fleeing from Mosul to Syria.

And regained the anti-terror apparatus, the elite Iraqi forces to control the areas near the eastern outskirts of Mosul.

The device the team captain Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi “made Mahorna our troops from five to six Kleomtrut toward Mosul.”

He added, speaking from the Christian town of Bartella, which has been restored to control, “We are coordinating now with our troops in the rest of the axes in order to launch a coordinated attack.”

rcookie says():Kurdish Peshmerga forces continue to provide its part of the northern axis, while still federal police forces advancing from the south is relatively far from the outskirts of Mosul.

A spokesman said “League of the Righteous,” the most prominent factions of the popular crowd, told AFP that the crowd forces “formally charged” to regain control over the town of Tal Afar and to prevent elements of the organization Islamic state from fleeing Mosul west towards Syria.

The spokesman said Sheikh Jawad Tlabawi “the task of the popular crowd is to prevent the escape of Aldoaash toward Syria and the isolation of Mosul fully for Syria.”

“We expect to be a tough and fierce battle because it is trying to cut off the western side and prevent the escape of Aldoaash tearing Astadthm.”

US and Iraqi officials have said that senior al Islamic state leaders trying to leave Mosul and go to Syria, which is considered the second side of the state, “Caliphate”, which they declared two years ago from large areas controlled by the two countries.

But a senior official close to the French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Derian said that hundreds of al-Islamic state fighters went in the opposite direction, strengthening the force estimated at between 300 to 500 fighters to defend Mosul.

“At this stage, we observe the movement of fighters from Syria to Iraq, and not vice versa,” adding that “there is a potential scenario of a resistance Daesh to the end.”

And composed the popular crowd of volunteers and Shi’ite factions receive support from Iran, played a major role in restoring control over other areas of the organization of the Islamic state.

The participation of the popular crowd forces at the Battle of Mosul, the focus of political bickering, because of Mosul’s population, mostly of the year.

Officials year and Kurds showed their opposition to the participation in the restoration of the battles of Mosul, Baghdad and promised that the government forces alone will enter Mosul.

rcookie says():On the other hand, Baghdad objected to the Turkish military deployment near Mosul.

Tensions have escalated recently between Baghdad and Ankara, which Foreign Minister Davutoglu announced born Tchaouc Tuesday that his country could launch a ground operation in northern Iraq.

Ihsanoglu said the network “Canal 24” French television: “If there was a threat to Turkey, we will use all our means, including a ground operation (…) to eliminate this threat.”

Also favors the United States, leading supporter of the process of restoring Mosul lack of involvement of the popular crowd in the operations of the international coalition. The crowd enjoys wide popular support from Shiite parties in the country.

– Tenderness After Mosul

In Paris, French President Francois Hollande called on the international coalition to “anticipate the consequences of the fall of Mosul.”

Hollande said at the opening of a meeting of defense ministers of key countries in the coalition against state regulation “our alliance today at the gates of Mosul, a city that is two million, which was dominated by the Daesh in 2014, and made it the capital of his succession: Impossible.”

“The challenge is the political future of this city, the region and Iraq,” stressing the need to be the “all ethnic and religious groups” in the next administration of the city with a Sunni majority.

The meeting brought together defense ministers of the 13 countries participating in the coalition (comprising 60 countries), including the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada and Germany.

Hollande called on the other hand, to “be alert about the return of foreign fighters” in the ranks of the organization of the Islamic state to their home countries, or Ankavaihm to Syria.

There are, according to French sources, about 300 French among jihadists who are fighting in Mosul and numbering between four and five thousand fighters, in addition to a similar number of French fighters in Raqqa, the largest stronghold of the jihadists in Syria.

Hollande said “there will also be Sechtbion terrorists and trying to go to tenderness. We have to know them clearly. This passes through the sharing of widely to our information and intelligence, “adding,” This is an absolute necessity. ”

rcookie says():Abadi: we have entered into an advanced stage of liberalization of Mosul
Tuesday October 201 625 17:52

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rcookie says():30 km Iraqi troops separated from Mosul
October 25, 2016 Iraqi forces near Mosul

Joint Iraqi forces tightened the army and the Peshmerga and the crowd tribal grip on the organization of the Islamic state Daesh fighters in the city of Mosul, eight days after the start of operations, and managed to restore 12 villages in the southern, eastern and northern outskirts of the city.

The commander of Nineveh operations, Major General Najim al-Jubouri in contact with “Radio Sawa” that his forces have become about 30 kilometers south of the city of Mosul, referring to the organization used the population as human shields liberated villages.

And tried to organize anti expand its attacks to relieve pressure on fighters in the latest and greatest strongholds in Iraq, and his attempts to attack the cities of Kirkuk and wet, but the Iraqi forces repulsed the attacks and Ovhlthma.

A spokesman for the joint operations Brigadier General Yahya al-Zubaidi, for his part that the forces tightened their ring around spend commissioning northern city of Mosul, and inflicted heavy losses in the ranks of Daesh.

Peshmerga forces recaptured several areas in terms of Bashiqa north-east of Mosul, according to the dean of the Kurdish forces Noureddine Hussein fight.

Edit Afar popular crowd A spokesman for the League of the Righteous Jawad Tlabawi Tuesday that the popular crowd officially commissioned to regain control over the town of Tal Afar and prevent elements Daesh escape from Mosul west towards Syria.

Talabawi predicted to be the battle of Tal Afar difficult and fierce as they are trying to cut off the western side and prevent the escape of elements Daesh. Source: Radio Sawa / Agencies

rcookie says():Abadi: continuous cooperation between the security forces and special committees under the auspices of the displaced

Political Since 10/25/2016 17:57 (Baghdad time) Abadi: continuous cooperation between the security forces and special committees under the auspices of the displaced … follow

rcookie says():GM 1 BOBBY!!………….
jeffusa says to rcookie():I be liking what I am reading…..thanks

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rcookie says():Security authorities are the biggest jamming operation on the wireless communications Daesh in Mosul

By Samarra satellite channel 25/10/2016 05:54 | Number of readings: 1 font size: Decrease font Enlarge font

Security authorities are the biggest jamming operation on the wireless communications Daesh in Mosul

Encounters elements of al – Daesh terrorist inside the city of Mosul on Tuesday , have great difficulty in securing communications between them by wireless devices.

Security sources from within the city in a special statement to the Centre, “said the security agencies carried out jamming the signal of wireless devices used by the organization, through the use of devices launching radio with waves of the same phone , which works out and is often between 800 to 1900 MHz frequency, but the broadcast waves larger than those that are already in the air card to be nested in between waves, which led to a cut communications between wireless devices of regulation.

The sources added, “The state of confusion dominated the elements of the organization after it has been isolated from each other and they took some trying to figure out the situation among themselves , to no avail.

The sources suggested, “that this process be an important prototype of the international coalition in Mosul in order to be applied during the next few days, especially when the arrival of the armed forces into the city.

sheila3 says to woodywoodpecker():a little quiet today
woodywoodpecker says():very much so

jetset says to sheila3():just watching & waiting 8-|
sheila3 says to jetset():yep me too ?
jetset says to sheila3():exciting times – that is for sure!

jeffjane says():Does anyone know if the budget was voted on yesterday?
jetset says to jeffjane():from the articles i saw, it appears that they did have the first reading yesterday.

sheila3 says to jetset():yes it is,lots going on (y):)
jeffjane says to jetset():TY
jetset says():everything seems to be comig together nicely.

sheila3 says to jetset():i agree ?

jetset says():headline from an article today… “US Defense Secretary: we will accelerate our plans to end Daesh in Mosul”
jetset says():good stuff!

sheila3 says to jetset():i just saw on fox news their getting closer to mosul now
sheila3 says to jetset():a few miles away
sheila3 says to jetset():lots of fighting going on right now

jimplants says():less than 1 mile from the center of mosul
sheila3 says to jimplants():(y):)
sheila3 says to jimplants():good afternoon ?

jetset says():i just like the fact that for the most part, all the reports seem to indicate that this is going better than expected!
jetset says to jimplants():greetings & solutions!
sheila3 says to jetset():thats what iam hearing also (y)

jimplants says():i have military friends and thats what they say

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