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BGG says():Hey gang – we all ready for some News Time??

magnetlady says():You Bet

coco1 says():Beyond ready!!!

wilson6060 says():(y)

DHOLLA says():Just waiting on more good news……..not like i haven’t already read all the current Iraq good news

BGG says():I guess I should have done a tweet and e-mailer for my own News Time…

magnetlady says():hahaha   It was in the blog and advertised in the chat room

BGG says():seems so “self-promoting”

I really hadn’t thought about that until just now…

magnetlady says():Naw, we love it

MadDScout says to BGG():Facebook advertised it

magnetlady says():See there ya go

rcbegan1 says():Will we be able to ask questions tonite? If so, what is the proper way to ask?

magnetlady says():Thanks MadDScout

MadDScout says to magnetlady():My pleasure

BGG says to rcbegan1():You are – go ahead.

Now… and thank you for tuning in…

rcbegan1 says():Thank you. How does the deleting of the zeros affect out investment if we have all large bills??

BGG says to rcbegan1():Great question..

the “Deleting of the Zeros” program – IS THE PROCESS of raising the value and removing the large notes from the marketplace.

it is the “effect” you are looking for (BTW – this is that one instance “effect and affect” are ALMOST interchangable  )…

jimplants says():amen

rcbegan1 says():Thank You, I understand your response about removing the large bils from the market place. Will we be able to cash in the large bills at the increased value?

BGG says to rcbegan1():The “affect” on your investment (if you have these large bills) is you will experience this surge in value… in fact, any size bills will do…

rcbegan1 says():THANK YOU

BGG says to rcbegan1():it is highly likely you will be able to exchange these bills at an increased value. Obviuosly – why we are all here.

However, none of what I portray is any long stretch – they have written directly on these subject(s).

Great questions…   On to News Time

MrsBGG says():Okay welcome everyone to News Time!! We’re glad that you are here; Sit back and relax! For anyone who is new here, welcome; If anyone has a question or comment , please use a ? and we will call on you; It makes it easier on the copiers and readers to follow. Thank you for your understanding.

BGG says():Here we go…

$ 50 billion of the Central Reserve

BAGHDAD / Center Brief National NNC- said the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider, the central bank has the cash mass of up to $ 50 billion.

He said Haider, in a press statement that “the money supply maintained by the central bank for the award of the dinar Iraq up to $ 50 billion,” denying “the money supply drop to $ 45 billion, according to some media.”

He continued that “the amount of financial loans received by Iraq in the current year amounted to approximately $ 10 billion; to secure the weapons and ammunition needed by our security forces in the liberation of the cities Daesh operations of the terrorist gangs, as well as secure the amounts of some ongoing projects.”

Economists point out that Iraq is losing $ 9 billion a year from the cash reserve at the central bank, which raises many concerns for the future of the cash reserves of foreign currency.
Iraq has suffered a financial crisis; due to lower international oil prices, as well as the war waged against Iraq Daesh terrorist gangs

BGG says():BTW – hang in there… We have TONS of News to cover…

BGG says():Thanks to RCookie for bringing the previous into Chat earlier…

Haider al-Abadi confirms Iraq’s desire to protect the independence of the judiciary and the protection of the state

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Iraq’s desire to protect the independence of the judiciary and the protection of the state.

A statement by the Office of the latter Abadi discussed with the head of Iran’s judiciary Sadeq Larijani ways to strengthen relations between the two countries and cooperation in the fight against terrorism and corruption.

Expectations approve the budget before the end of the year

BAGHDAD / Sabah – predicted the financial advisor to the prime minister appearance of Mohammed Saleh approve the budget year 2017 before the end of this year…


BGG ~ This will answer a lot of issues… I fully expect them to codify the “functional HCL” in the 2017 budget as they have in the past…

in essence – whatever the impacts of a true HCL would have been – they go ahead and allocate and draw out such agreements “loosely” in the budget…

executing the impacts of the HCL without having to go through the stress of the actual process.

MrsBGG says():He will be right back, technical issue…

localcats says():rats just gitting good

MrsBGG says():Okay, Mr. BGG’s computer is having some problems, MadDScout is going to bring in some News…thank you!

MrsBGG says to localcats():(y)

MrsBGG says():Thank you ‘all for your patience!

MadDScout says():Here is a great post from Loop

Parliamentary Finance recommends organizing currency auction

Mon, 31 Oct 2016 13:55:28

Finance Committee visited headed by MP Mohammed Halbusi Central Bank of Iraq has been discussed many things with the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords Advanced cadre belonging to the Bank’s business and financial reality and Economic been listening to the steps and mechanisms established by the Bank Administration to regulate the work of the auction currency.

The committee said in a statement that “it was stressed the necessity of activating the regulatory instruments of the Bank and hold negligent and non-committed to the instructions and regulations issued it.”

The statement pointed out that “the parliamentary financial support of the private sector and work to create plans to develop and to assign the industrial, agricultural and commercial sector.

MadDScout says():It looks like they want accross the board implementation of the new rules

and follow up on any business not within standards
More transparency

MadDScout says():”the parliamentary financial support of the private sector and work to create plans to develop and to assign the industrial, agricultural and commercial sector.”

1bobby says():Would this also fall in line with rcookies article in regards to the auctions. In that article it spoke of an outside agency called Transparency International

A few articles out lately about the auctions

MadDScout says to 1bobby():This may be, presently I would need to read that report

1bobby says():Thanks

MadDScout says to 1bobby():Yes quite a few actually

david334 says():Have they prioritized the key investment laws that will set the stage for an international currency and allow capital to flow into the country or are we still focusing on narcotics and hyonotics?

MadDScout says to david334():I am sure that is being addressed although it did not show up yet on the agenda for parliament

BGG says to david334():They have had the Investment and Banking Laws “on deck” for a while now…

there is NO DOUBT the IMF has given them “the word”.

david334 says():OK thanks!

BGG says to david334):investors have to have “an exit” – otherwise they WON’T ENTER.

david334 says():Tough to get those laws passed, it seems

BGG says to david334():the wall of investment income they are expecting – will NEVER HAPPEN… without the investment law.

I don’t think so… when it is time – BOOM.

think about the General Amnesty Law – it was done and over before most of the Guru’s had any clue.

printed in the Gazette – with Shias whining about it and judges saying “it’s the Law”… sorry.

david334 says():Right

BGG says():Thanks to RCOOKIE for this one…
Detect theft of more than 75 billion dinars in the Rasheed Bank

Baghdad/range   The Inspector General’s Office of the Ministry of Finance on Sunday, revealing a robbery more than 75 billion dinars in a good Bank, confirming transfer involved to eliminate through a body integrity.

The Office said in a statement received “range”, a copy of it, “the Inspector General’s Office of the Ministry of finance revealed a robbery for 75 billion and 629 dinars in a good Bank,” referring to “complete the investigations revealed the theft last month and refer those involved to eliminate through Commission of integrity.”

BGG says():BTW – tune in tomorrow nite for another great call with RCOOKIE, Mr. White & Hutch (with guests??)

I think he said 7:00pm CST…

BGG says():And one more from RCOOKIE (and others)…

Dinar Dave says():Wonder why the 629 dinar…. What would that buy???

BGG says():Names and any block they belong. Owners of private banks involved in money laundering and smuggling out of the country (details)

An informed source revealed Monday, the names of owners of private banks involved in money laundering and smuggling hard currency to banks outside Iraq.

The source said in a press statement, there are many private banks involved in money laundering and smuggling out of Iraq:

1. antrkontental bank owned Roz Nuri shawis Kurdistan Alliance

2. Bank of Assyria belongs to Salih-Kurdistan Alliance

3. the Mediterranean Bank owned by Humam hammoudi-block citizen

4. the Middle East investment bank owned by Ahmed’s PM-citizen Hill

5. United Bank of investment owned by Adel Abdul Mahdi-block citizen

6-Islamic country bank owned by Alaa al-Musawi-block citizen

7. an investment bank owned by Talal Mansoor Al-zawbai-strong Union.

8. the Tigris-Euphrates Bank for development and investment, owned by Talal Al-zawbai-strong Union.

9. connector development bank owned by Usama Najafi-strong Union.

10. investment bank owned by Khamis dagger-strong Union.

11. Beirut Arabic country bank owned by Mahdi relationship-State law

12. the Iraqi trade bank owned by Walid ornaments-State law +

13. Dar es Salaam owned by Amanda-liberal block

14. a bank owned by Hamad Al-Mussawi guidance-free block

15. the Lebanese French bank owned by Mohamed Al-daradji-liberal block

Read More: http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre…ctober-31-2016

BGG says():MadDScout (Dinar Guru) – Article: “The Central Bank succeeds in raising the value of Iraqi dinar to us dollar“ I want everyone to keep their feet on the ground. We can only ever watch the action. When the action bears this out to be an accurate report, then I will throw a party. [IS this the only source of this sort of news?] No I have seen it in 5 places…5 sources… I am watching with both eyes.


BGG says to Dinar Dave():I’m not buying that…they’ve pretty much laid out a map… it’s not 629:1

MrsBGG says():Are there any questions or comments?

Dinar Dave says():Just found it funny printing the 629…lol

BGG says to Dinar Dave():Still not buying…

BGG says to Dinar Dave():On the Keywords: we underestimated the effects of the financial crisis in Iraq in several ways

Roudao – Dohuk – systems at the American University in Dahuk province, an economic conference, discuss the financial problems in Iraq, with the participation of senior financial and economic officials. The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank, on the Keywords, during the conference , “We underestimated the impact of the financial crisis in Iraq in many ways…


BGG says():The above was interesting… as well as the recent RIPS by economists…
a couple today…

david334 says():the auction is well documented the key is how do they end it.

BGG says():Not for us to understand – other than – they will.

david334 says():One of lrticles suggested that Maliki must gooopbacks a

BGG says():When it is time.

david334 says():sorry for my hand spasims

BGG says():The UST setting up shop within the CBI is very serious.

david334 says():Appreciate your call BGG

BGG says to david334():Are you on a treadmill??

david334 says():No I gave that upbad for you

MrsBGG says():Are there any other questions or comments?

BGG says():Be sure to tune in to the RCOOKIE – Mr White – Hutch call tomorrow nite!!

david334 says():Godbless the BGG group

BGG says():they are doing a GREAT JOB for everyone.

I have really enjoyed listening to them.

RickeyT says():great job sir.

rcbegan1 says():I am confused, over the passed weeks I’ve read that Iraq is on the white list and some say they aren’t. What is correct??

flynn says():thanks every one

BGG says to rcbegan1():That is likely a “process” they are in the middle of…

value is likely nearer the end – but they MUST have international support.

rcbegan1 says():Thanks

BGG says to rcbegan1():without international support who is there to “accept” their currency??

OK – gang. BGG out…

BGG says():Don’t miss the DU Call tomorrow nite!!

1bobby says():Thanks

MrsBGG says():Thank you everyone for joining us tonight!!

MadDScout says to BGG():It is already up on Facebook

MrsBGG says():Thank you BGG and thank you MadDScout for jumping in!!

MadDScout says to MrsBGG():My pleasure

MrsBGG says():Thank you Mags for copying and editing!!

Love & Blessings to you’all (L)

MadDScout says():Nite!

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