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rcookie says():Urgent .. Iraqi forces control complete control of the “advice of Mosul”

Saturday 29-10-2016 | 3:24:00 wilight News / announced media-Harbi cell from the provisions of control of the town south of Mosul] advice from the grip Daesh.

According to a statement of the cell responded to Twilight News, the troops liberated the entire] advice, and raised the Iraqi flag on all government centers where.

He added that Iraqi forces are becoming convergence of four hubs south of Mosul.

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rcookie says():Allawi announces his return to active duty as vice president 29/10/2016 – 14:52 Allawi announces his return to active duty as vice president2016-10-29T14: 52: 42 + 00: 00 Arabs and the world No Comments

BAGHDAD – ASHA Announced the president of a coalition of “national” of Iraq, Iyad Allawi, on Saturday, he returned to active duty as vice president, and a waiver of financial dues in favor of supporting the displaced people and the families of martyrs Fund, after 18 days from the Iraqi Federal Court decision, who spent the unconstitutionality of the abolition of the posts of Vice President of the Republic.

Allawi said at a press conference at the headquarters of the national coalition in Baghdad, that the Federal Court has decided that the constitutionality of the decision to cancel the Iraqi vice-president based on an appeal by the head of a coalition “united” Osama Najafi to the Federal Court, and considered the decision came too late.

He held the presidency Allawi of the Iraqi Council of Representatives full responsibility for what has happened, because it made proposals on reform as a package rather than discussion, and stressed that these dangerous precedent blown up by the Council of the regulatory and legislative functions of the House of Representatives.

He revealed that he expressed, during a telephone conversation with Iraqi President Fuad Masum, reservations to return to active duty was agreed that a meeting was last Thursday night ..

He pointed out that he had held consultations with the leaders of the Accord Party, the National Coalition and a group of Reform Front parliamentary leaders who share with them in political visions and with the People’s national coordination for reform.

hutch says(): Economist: edit Mosul would reduce government spending by about $ 30 billion

29/10/2016 – 10:10 Said economic expert on behalf of Antoine, Saturday, that the recovery of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar exchange rate depends on the liberation of Mosul significantly, indicating that the complete liberalization would reduce government spending by about $ 30 billion annually.

Anton said in a press statement, said that “the end of the edit areas of Daesh criminal and re-displaced people to their areas will end the waste of about $ 30 billion between the war effort and disbursement of funds to the displaced.”

Antoine said, that “re-displaced people will turn the power of the consumer to a productive force in their regions based on re-idle factories and agriculture as well as to stop the paving funds to support that category.”

He added that “those amounts directed to the Economic Development will reflect positively on the dinar exchange rate or the dollar.” It ended.

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hutch says():Saturday October 292 016 – 12:00 Official: Karbala, the first province is working to draft the privatization of the electricity distribution sector to get 24 hours of electricity

Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Fuel in the holy city of Karbala Reza Sailawi detect the assignment of a project to privatize power distribution sector to the company (insurance latte Iran)

He Sailawi in an interview with Agence N. news reporting that the implementation of this project will enable Karbala access to energy for 24 hours without a break, by providing citizens with smart metering and associated system electronic control (electronic collection) and system smart card citizen pay from which wage electricity by cabins distributed in the province,

noting that the provincial council and of the President of the Council Eng Nassif rhetorical and the Committee on energy and fuel may have made extraordinary efforts in coordination with the Ministry of Electricity to refer this project, pointing out that the project is of strategic projects in the electricity distribution sector and that will end the suffering of the people of the province of a power outage.

Silawi said that the pricing of this project will be within the official pricing set by the Ministry of Electricity and the duration of the completion of the project nine months and will be the first of Karbala province is working with this project http://www.non14.net/77356/ WWW.NON14.NET

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rcookie says(29-10-2016 10:46 AM Iraq opens new branch in Directorate Comerk Central Zone in Baghdad

Rafidain Bank opened a branch in the Directorate Comerk Central Zone in Baghdad to provide banking services to citizens and employees.

The press office of the bank that ‘the bank branches opened him in the Directorate Comerk Central region Balhsop presence of a representative office of Prime Minister Razak Yacoubi and the General Administration of the bank as well as the director of the central region Comerk’.

He said ‘the bank develop an action plan to expand his banking and development in the largest geographical area in the country’, adding that ‘the opening of a branch Gallstone became the number of bank branches 164 branches in the country.’

Rafidain Bank launched earlier loans worth ten million dinars for state employees.


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rcookie says(): Parliament is prescribed constitutionally invalid laws
Political Since 29.10.2016 at 10:52 (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD – balances News It revealed a professor of international law Bushra al-Obeidi, Saturday, for the House legislation that many of the laws that are inconsistent with the constitution and therefore are considered invalid.

He said al-Obeidi’s / balances News / “The House of Representatives began many laws that contradict the Iraqi constitution and thus considered invalid, based on Article 13 of the Constitution, which stipulates (any legal provision or legislation which contradicts with the Constitution is void).”

He said al-Obeidi said, “There are always projects to put laws we find problematic concerning the constitutionality of the human rights or duplication of the work of institutions in a single law,” she wondered, “Where the legal adviser to the committees and advisers of the Presidency in the field of laws put the legislation?”.

And it showed al-Obeidi said “There is a great deal of advisers in the House of Representatives and in all disciplines,” noting that “the parliamentary legal committee How can they cross the legal lapses.”

And indulged Obeidi, saying, “The diagnosis of legal lapses of important advisers, but the final it was up to the members of the House of Representatives and they belong to political blocks were not rejecting a particular subject, thus will be forced to put what you want political blocs and their leaders,”

asking members of the House of Representatives that “abide by the consultants because they specialists in aspects that have been recruited on the basis of which, and it is better than to issue a law carries many lapses reflect the negative impact on the vision of the street and the parliament and its productive laws by comparing them with previous laws. ”

He pointed out that he “must find a committee in the House of Representatives in addition to those who are elected and those appointed on the basis of professional experience and those produced from the hands of laws,” pointing out that “the advisers now not all of them competent and efficient, but they came in accordance with the quota system.”

She said, “There are many laws that contradict the Constitution and laws and international conventions that are part of the national legislation as long as Iraq has ratified, how are the laws of the legislation in conflict with the Constitution and this is a big disaster, and as she put it.”

Observers believe the specialists in the field of legislation and the Constitution and the laws that bills that pose seen Representatives glance the vessels, while it extends for generations, noting that the laws made by the regime race citizen suffered still a Navzh.anthy 29

rcookie says():Security forces raise the Iraqi flag on the hand] advice center south of Mosul building

Saturday 29-10-2016 | 1:07:17 Twilight News / Federal police forces regained control Saturday on a local building in one of the strategic towns to organize Daesh south of the city of Mosul.

The commander of forces team Raed Shakir Jawdat said in a statement, it said the pieces of the federal police raised the Iraqi flag on the hand] advice center building.

He added that Daesh pay suicide bombers and car bombs to block incursion federal cuts in terms of] advice, noting that Amadadatna frustrate all attempts miserable.


rcookie says():Activists and politicians: the spread of the phenomenon of begging in Baghdad because of the deteriorating economic situation in Iraq – Video

Wrote: October 29, 2016Proliferated in recent phenomenon of begging in the streets of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, where an increasing number of beggars on the roads and intersections near the work circles Officials attributed the cause to the deteriorating economic situation and ignore the Iraqi government to curb the spread of this phenomenon.

The Iraqi politicians, and activists that he should be on the state represented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to address this phenomenon by employing people programs and small projects and the rehabilitation of this segment to reduce this phenomenon so that the results will not be disastrous for the Iraqi society.

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wickedwitch1 says():Hearing about those flags flying makes my heart happy. I cannot imagine what the Iraqi people are going through and the feeling they must have knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel



rcookie says():Money experts discuss ways to get rid of the economic crisis in the province and the center

Kicked off this morning on a US university halls in the province of Dohuk in the Kurdistan region, the workshop tagged

(Role of the Central Bank of Iraq in resolving the economic crisis in the province and the center)

And presided over the meeting, which was attended by Mr. Salman Jumaili, Minister of Planning and on the Keywords Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mr. Ali Sindi, Minister of Planning in the Kurdistan region and Dr. Fadhil Nabi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and Mr. and Mr. Wadih Handal, head of the Iraqi private banks association Terrace session Alsidfarhad Alaterci governor of Dohuk

The first speaker was Mr. Salman Jumaili, Minister of Planning and accept it during his most prominent measures taken by his ministry to meet the investment projects undertaken by the Iraqi state expenditures with Dr. Fadhil Nabi detect the most prominent challenges facing fiscal revenue in Iraq, noting that ten million people are paid salaries, including those who receive two salaries,

The first session included numerous interventions made by Messrs participants from various official economic actors and university professors ..

For his part, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister in his speech said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said there decisions and actions and possible strong in the short term and the ways to solve them, either the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords reviewed the role of monetary policy in the coverage of government expenditures in Iraq and ways to provide the necessary liquidity for these expenses through the wise policy to support development programs in the Iraqi economy

Then accept it and minister of planning in the region, Mr. Ali Sindi crisis in the region and the role of foreign exchange reserves to finance public spending

Entrances to the task of President of the Association
In his intervention, Mr. President of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal said that you have described 10 million employee situation negative and can be converted into a positive case when linking the salaries of staff development grant launched by the central bank, amounting to 6 trillion dinars through localization of employees’ salaries in the private banks

and make it legal as collateral for loans granted thus, we achieve several goals, including to restore confidence in banks first and second to do rapid lending as mortgage guarantees foiled an initiative because of tribal and partisan challenges and other

Third guarantee poverty reduction rates in the country and the Fourth ensuring job opportunities for young graduates unemployed and define their migration as human as resources useful,

then repeat Handal call for the necessity of solving problematic put the hands of the provincial government on the depositors’ money in private banks a proposal for calculating the benefits of Islamic rates by 2 to 3%, which dates back confidence in banks to continue lending operations again

Then the student association president then need to involve the private sector and that should be represented at such seminars and dialogues, which includes the owners of financial and economic decision in the country





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jetset says():and is basically giving his VP earnings to charity.

rcookie says():Allawi back to the office and give up the financial dues

Saturday 29-10-2016 | 2:11:45 Shafaq News / The President of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, on Saturday, for his return to active duty as deputy president of the republic in order to “achieve unity,” and that he waives financial dues in favor of supporting the displaced people and the families of martyrs Fund.

Allawi’s decision comes after nearly three weeks of the Federal Court decision, which was considered Cancel posts of Vice-President of the Republic is unconstitutional.

Allawi said at a news conference at the headquarters of the coalition and I followed Twilight News, said that “in spite of the victory of the Federal Court of the Constitution and the law, and we welcome that, but the decision came too late.”

He added, “The Presidency of the Council of Representatives bear full responsibility for what happened, because it made proposals about the alleged reform as a package rather than discussion,” he said. “This is a dangerous precedent blew Council oversight and legislative functions of the House of Representatives.”

He said Allawi, saying, “I have shown to the president Fuad Masum, and on the phone my reservations to return to practice my work and we agreed to meet on Thursday evening was the past.”

He explained that “when the consultation with the leaders of the National Accord Party and a coalition and a group of Reform Front leaders who share with them in the political visions as well as with the National Coordinating Committee of Popular reform, our views were identical regarding achieved if the core issues.”

Allawi stressed the “need to implement the constitutional article that define the role of the presidency in the executive branch, and to achieve national reconciliation,” pointing to “I decided to go back to doing my job as Vice President of the Republic to achieve unity.”

He said Allawi, saying, “I relinquish any financial maturity I had previously, as well as for the next period,” noting, “I donate to those full benefits to a fund to support the Distinguished displaced and the families of martyrs, and we hope that the presidency is sponsoring such a fund.”


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rcookie says(): Rafidain Bank will open a branch in the region of Central Customs Directorate

Saturday 29-10-2016 | 8:18:31 Twilight News / Rafidain Bank opened a branch in the Directorate of Customs and Central Zone in Baghdad to provide banking services to citizens and employees.

Press office of the bank said in a statement that the bank has opened a branch in the Central Region Customs Directorate Balhsop presence of a representative office of Prime Minister Razak Yacoubi and the General Administration of the bank as well as the Director of Comerk the central region, which was attended).

The statement added that the (bank develop an action plan to expand his banking and development in the largest geographical area in the country. He pointed out that the opening of a branch Gallstone number of bank branches in the country has become 164 branches

rcookie says():i insurance: a merger with «national» will face legal and administrative measures 30 Show Last update: Saturday, October 29, 2016 – 9:53Iraqi insurance: a merger with «national» will face legal and administrative measures

BAGHDAD / morning requires a process of reform in the structure of government institutions and companies to reduce the slack in the public sector to take a package of measures, including feasibility studies extensively, especially to the merger with jurisdiction similar public companies,

especially my company insurance government Winning their being they contribute to the achievement of a state of stability and balance in the Iraqi insurance market , as well as providing the opportunity to compete with their counterparts from the private sector companies.

And it sees specialists need to create a suitable ground for the process of integration, built from the legislative, administrative and legal, ensuring the continuity of opportunities for competition between public and private insurers, including to boost the local insurance market.

Announced mergers and recently launched insurance Diwan Msaia announce the start of legal proceedings for the merger of the National Insurance Company with the Iraqi insurance company, but the merger – according to the Iraqi insurance – may take time because of administrative regulations and legal regulations in force and in the country.

Iraqi insurance company confirmed that the issue of the integration of the national insurance company it will face administrative and legal proceedings take a long time to take years for the completion of the resolution of administrative and financial belongings because of the nature of the rules of procedure for each of the two companies.

The company said in a special statement to the “morning”: that the integration of state-owned companies, especially insurance, requires a thorough study of the formation of specialized committees of the fact that the integration process are complex and not easy given the nature of the work of the two companies.

It showed that paragraph (2) of Article (50) of the organizing work of the Insurance Act stipulates “the faithful wishing to merge submit a request to the Cabinet attached with all the necessary reports and data specified by the Chief of Staff instructions issued for this purpose”, asserting that the company did not apply for the merger has not issued about SAB (insurance Bureau) instructions and did not request any data on the subject.

rcookie says(): pointed out that, based on the rules of procedure of the company board of directors of Iraqi insurance company decided not to approve the merger of the fact that the company’s profit-making companies that have achieved their plans did not provide application integration, but its board’s decision was a reference to the specialization Ptominac life.

The statement added that the structure of the Iraqi insurance company completely different from the structure of the National Insurance Company as well as the rules of procedure of each, along with the nature of the work of the branches and offices of the two companies operating in all provinces.

For his part, questioned the expert in the field of insurance lamp Kamal about the need to integrate the two insurance at the present time especially they successful companies, noting that they as companies self-financing, do not depend on the state treasury, and are making annual profits, and are rotated part of them among employees as incentives after paying their share of tax income and fees. He pointed out that the two companies are contributing effectively in the case of rivalry between them on the one hand and between the private insurance companies on the other.

He saw the merger between public insurance companies are not required at the present time, indicating that these companies do not suffer from the financial, administrative and technical difficulties, besides the enjoyment of the ability to compete with each other on the one hand and with the private insurance companies on the other.

Kamal pointed out that resorting to fusion mechanism has imposed financial and other problems faced by the companies which thus does not suffer from being the public companies of the winning companies.

rcookie says(1):Calls for the development of the private sector
Last update: Saturday, October 29, 2016 – 10:00

Calls for the development of the private sector 39 Show Last update: Saturday, October 29, 2016 – 10:00Calls for the development of the private sector

BAGHDAD / Farah pumice after positive indicators of the existence of communication between the public and private sectors in the development of strategies and plans within varying limits, urged member economic forum Baghdad Amer Jeweler representatives of the private sector to unify and coordinate directions. ‘

Came calls Jeweler yet seen «the weakness of the limits of the executive will, serious and professional when involved, and the lack of involvement of civil society and the private sector institutions in the executive procedures, and in the monitoring and evaluation in the public sector in coordination with the private sector prioritization» .

palmkabl, he found the jeweler that he «has to be there high coordination between private sector representatives, both before, during and after participation in government meetings and unification or orientations format to ranges wide and solid and agree on a quick and clear procedures in detail can be applied effectively and the impact clear to develop and implement quick to address the significant challenges solutions successively to choose start priorities by sector without spreading Giralmsatr package on him”.

Also pointed out that the strategy Acial2014-2030 sector approved by the Council Wazzraachtmmelt on the development of the private sector and the development of standards for priority sectors to focus on sectors that provide benefit from Almwardatabieih immediate and opportunities for partnerships between the public and private sectors and allow the private sector to fill the local need and is characterized by labor-intensive and prepare economic feasibility studies it includes technology and extensive use of information technology and alternative and renewable energy technology and the transfer of environmentally-friendly.

The focus was on the strategy, according to the jeweler, on the following sectors: industry, agriculture, agro-industry, telecommunications and information technology industries, construction, housing, transport and logistics services, tourism. He said the first phase of operational activity in the strategy include: f

ormation of the development of the private sector, one-third of its membership at least to the private sector representatives, Anchaeouhdh planning, research and implementation of the coordination and implementation of the planned activities and operate under the umbrella of the Council shall be responsible front of them as it would be formed successful launch key for the implementation of the strategy,

as well as the establishment of a specialized unit of the control system and independent evaluation under the umbrella of the Council with a variety of tasks to monitor and evaluate the efficiency of the implementation of the strategy, and measure their effectiv

rcookie says():40 Show Last update: Saturday, October 29, 2016 – 9:57
Industry draw Authority to undermine the integrity of corruption

BAGHDAD / morning in a move that raises the transparency in the implementation of the course work a student and Minister of Industry and Minerals Integrity Commission to send a specialized team to audit the investment plan contracts, participation and investment of the Ministry of Industry to previous years. He revealed the Minister of Industry and Minerals / Agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudan for submitting a formal request to the Integrity Commission to audit some investment contracts and participation and investment concluded by the ministry during the previous years.

The Sudanese: that the investment plan estimated volume of hundreds of billions of dinars as well as investment and participation, which amounted to 170 contracts Astosmaraa.amadava that after reviewing the contracts show that the decades there are technical, financial and legal irregularities accompanied approvals referral projects and transactions of its own exchange, as well as some investment

and rehabilitation contracts that are not based on the economic and technical feasibility, which resulted in the waste of public money. It is noted that the most important trends of the reform that the Iraqi government concerning the treatment of financial and administrative corruption that ran rampant in the joints of some institutions.

And between the Sudanese that the contracts concluded by the ministry was supposed to re-run factories and companies to be a good supporter of the industry and the economy of our country,

stressing that the ministry’s senior management and destinations oversight of the Inspector-General and the Department of control and audit will be supportive and dolly to the work of the Commission on Public Integrity team, noting that the size of the notes on contracts We need a long time to resolve the dossier within the possibilities existing in the ministry reason that invited him to call the integrity Commission team to resolve those files as soon as.

To a description of the economic forum by Baghdad Jassim Al Aradi This step task and successful start to undermine the financial and administrative corruption that accompanies the implementation of some projects in the various ministries.

He noted it was the first step on the road to transparency that contribute to the disclosure of all phases of the work, and thus get into the flow of funds to achieve economic viability of Iraq, especially that raised a lot of talk about the manipulation of the exchange processes that accompany the implementation of investment projects.

rcookie says to MrsBGG():OPEC will resume its meeting today after no agreement yesterday to cut production History Tahrir:: 2016/10/29 8:37 • 102 times mqrw’h

OPEC will resume its meeting today after no agreement yesterday to cut production

{International: Euphrates News} high-level committee of experts meets, in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries {OPEC} today, with representatives from non-OPEC producers want to reduce their contribution to the organization supplies.

The organization met yesterday, to develop a plan to reduce oil production, but it did not reach agreements , hours after the meeting in Vienna, as reported by sources of the organization, news agencies reported.

The sources said, ” The high – level committee of experts will meet again in Vienna on next November 25, before the next meeting of OPEC ministers on the thirtieth of the same month to complete the individual quota {production quota for each country}. ”

one source said : ” Yes, we will continue {meeting} today {Saturday} with producers outside OPEC , “he said it is not reached “full agreement yesterday {Friday} because Iran refuses to install production.”

another source said , “We have not finished all things, and we look forward to the next meeting on November 25 to complete the individual quotas.”

it consists of a meeting of high – level Committee of Governors of OPEC and representatives of countries who who report to the ministers concerned, and continued the talks on Friday , more than 11 hours.

a source at OPEC , “There is no agreement yet, everyone would agree , except for Iran , ” he said , adding that Tehran ‘s claim exemption.

the OPEC agreed last month in Algiers to reduce production crude oil to between 32.5 million and 33 million barrels per day in the first cut since 2008 in order to raise prices.

but the deal faces potential setbacks because of Iraq ‘s claim exemption from it, as well as the demands of countries such as Iran, Libya and Nigeria who have damaged their production as a result of sanctions, war and want to increase supply .

he said OPEC delegate before the start of Friday meeting , “it is becoming increasingly complex, every day appears a new problem.”

but OPEC and other officials, including Secretary – General Mohammed Barkindo remained optimistic.

he said Barkindo in a speech at the meeting according to the text presented by OPEC “Our consultations today {yesterday Friday} – and tomorrow {Saturday} with some producers are not members of OPEC – could have profound consequences for the market and the industry in the medium to long term. ”

and wrote the Commission in the policy and will instead recommendations of the Ministerial next OPEC meeting on 30 November next which will be held in Vienna , too.

he said Iraq ‘s second – largest producer in OPEC earlier, he would not reduce its production and that it should be exempted from any restrictions on the production because he needs the money to fight Daesh.

at the same time stressed Iran’s right to regain market share after the lifting of Western sanctions reported in January.

the states are not members of OPEC , which will send representatives to the talks {today} are Russia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Oman, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bolivia.anthy

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