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tman23 says():  Aziz Al-hayio  Sarlna ten years we hear the issue of deletion of zeros…..


Ame9632557644 says():are we rich now?

tman23 says():  As I posted back in April …. The CBI governor said in several banking meetings inside and outside Iraq that the CBI plan was to maintain the rate of 1,305 through the end of 2016…..

The statement from the governor had bankers ” shocked, disappointed, and not understanding the reasoning and none was provided”….. BUT what is speculated is that this 1305 number has a signficant role in the “numbers game” and lifting the 3 zeros….

The speculation told to those who private message me is the start would have to begin at least 60 days before lifting 3 zeros…… Just need to look/watch for unsuspected casual movements…….

Last night for the very first time in all banks across Iraq the rate posted 1,305……

To the bashers…..They will say the rate flucuates and they are correct…it has been 1280, 1285, 1290, 1295, 1300, 1310……

But NOT 1305 AND IT HAS posted the 60 days prior to the New Year that was the speculated timeline thought to see 1305…….

This is the silent move suspected to be part of the process of lifting 3 zeros…… Now in the past salary caps/budget and cuts…numbers worked out to speculating that a rate of 67 cents was in the formula…..of course since then a great number of circumstances have entered the picture…..

The speculation today works out to 76 cents which would be on par with the Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar……..

Here is a link to Kurd International Bank that will show the 1305..
https://www.kibid.com/Default.aspx?pageid=5 ……

1bobby says to tman23():Today’s was listed at 1294. Does that tell us anything?
1bobby says to tman23():Or are those just a private banks selling rates internally
1bobby says():I mean the 1305 number

clay says to 1bobby():Good question
clay says to tman23():thanks for that

tman23 says to 1bobby():Forget the 1294 and all those postings……. It is this 1305 number that is on the board….in the banks and at the CBI…… Been waiting for this EXACT NUMBER to POST…….

IT was posted last night which in the opinion of “conspiracy theorists”……. THE PROCESS IS ON TRACK….. And it will without doubt have the 3 zeros lifted at the start of 2017……..

1bobby says to tman23():Yes thank you for the info
clay says to tman23():(y)
NWBeauty says():GM all
clay says to NWBeauty():GM
NWBeauty says():Listening to DayTrader discussing his experience with AF in Japan

1bobby says to tman23():So the figures posted today mean nothing as far as the 1294? Just trying to understand
1bobby says to NWBeauty():How cool was that call 🙂

NWBeauty says():Makes good common sense that international components of goods and services will incrementally raise values in country

NWBeauty says():VERY cool Almost chilly

1bobby says to NWBeauty():(y)
NWBeauty says():was just in Chicago for my son’s graduation from US Navy Basic Trng

1bobby says to NWBeauty():Awesome! Make sure he knows our appreciation for his service

Ame9632557644 says():23 why is 1305 so significant I can not wrap my head a4round that number?

NWBeauty says():we ALL serve in this house
NWBeauty says():there ya go
NWBeauty says():Momma’s green eyed sailor boy

NWBeauty says():I’m jumping on his connecting flight on his way home for THanksgiving and surprising him at the gate in Salt Lake. I’ll be flying back from work in DC

NWBeauty says():Don’t wait to LIVE YOUR DREAM

1bobby says to NWBeauty():You’re 100% on. Enjoy what we are living today 🙂

NWBeauty says():As a widow of a Marine Officer, EVERY day above ground is a GREAT one!!

1bobby says():Semper Fi
Ame9632557644 says():as the recipiant of 4 purple hearts you are SOOOO right
NWBeauty says():I’ve just got a broken heart
Ame9632557644 says():so was he an O3 when he was killed?

NWBeauty says():and The Commander’s Medal Army Civilian
NWBeauty says():NO Major
Ame9632557644 says():ty

NWBeauty says():PTSD suicide after Al-Asaad Al-Anbar
Ame9632557644 says():I have that too I fight everyday to NOT let it “get” me
Ame9632557644 says():I was a combat medic in Vietnam

NWBeauty says():Got me about 7 years My mother’s stroke 6 weeks prior to his suicide I found them both
Ame9632557644 says():thats tough!!

NWBeauty says():I was in bad shape, but Jesus saves !
NWBeauty says():Plus my work was/is connected counter-proliferation and cyber security
NWBeauty says():EVERYONE do something AWESOME today That’s what I’m saying !!

Ame9632557644 says():amen Girl!
Ame9632557644 says():bbl
NWBeauty says():Off to feed the dragon

tman23 says():Kaperoni always pounded the issue of maintaining a rate for 90 days as reference to the IMF articles (laws/bylaws)……. Then there was an article that had insinuations that 60 days of maintaining a rate was sufficient……..

The 1305 number has been an issue that I posted on several times……

ll I can say on the 1305 issue is that in meetings it was an aboslute stunner as nobody understood the reasoning…..there was NO explanation for it and business circles seen it as unwarranted…….

That is exactly why the 1305 became an item of interest…..and numbers have been in the system BUT never 1305…… Just know that many have hammered on saying this rate in the past….1305…….

And know for the VERY FIRST TIME it is entered into the system across all platforms……

Basically 60 days before the first of the year opening….. Maybe just all coincidental……

BUT IMO..this is the trigger number that has somethin to do with somethin…… AND is very positive with giving a confirmation sign in speculations…… Many know I have been stuck on the 1305….. So now up to January 3 we will see how Iraq intro’s the currency and treats the 3 zero notes at exchange windows

1bobby says to tman23():That “1305” is still throwing me. But I’ll take what you say and put it in the memory bank. Thanks

Pablo says():Where is this 1305 number coming from?

futuremoney says():dont know why tman isnt responding, but I think the 1305 number comes from the idea that when the dinar revalues, the decimal will just move over showing 1.305 US dollar per Dinar.

Ame9632557644 says():but U didn’t need 2 know that Huh?
sheila3 says to Ame9632557644():love that
sheila3 says to Ame9632557644():lol

Ame9632557644 says():SOLD future
Ame9632557644 says():sold and GONE
sheila3 says to futuremoney():ill take a dollar right now lol

Scotzgirl says to futuremoney():I wish he could give his links to the info he’s citing as the basis for the 1305 – the meetings, conversations, etc. How can anyone know those things happened?

Ame9632557644 says():3 sold at a dollar too
sheila3 says to Ame9632557644():(y):)
futuremoney says():heck, I will take .50 cents!!!!!!!!!!

Ame9632557644 says to Scotzgirl():I try not to hang on every thing out there since we have NO control I just let things happen as teh will life is a lot better that way Girl

david334 says():Here is a story that could change the world. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/isis-mosul-liberated-battle-against-islamic-state-iraq-sectarianism-in-iraq-ends-a7394221.html

Ame9632557644 says():so Egypt “floated” their currency and it dropped 50% immediately huh?
david334 says to futuremoney():It’s dibilitating emotionally.

david334 says to Ame9632557644():When did that happen
Ame9632557644 says():today

Ame9632557644 says():Egypt allows its currency to float freely
November 3, 2016

Ame9632557644 says():no link in teh email tho 🙁

david334 says to Ame9632557644():I am only guesing but the probably had a peg that made any exports to expensive, plus Egypt is 180 degrees different than Iraq. It wasn’t.00086 and the growth potential has never materializes. They have been supported by the West. Good to check out though.

Ame9632557644 says():part of that email:
Ame9632557644 says():Egypt has floated its currency in a move that has reduced its value by almost 50% against the dollar.

One US dollar is buying around 14 Egyptian pounds, up from the nine Egyptian pounds the central bank was trying to keep it at.

The country’s central bank said the move was one of a list of reforms designed to strengthen confidence in the economy.

Egypt’s main stock index jumped by more than 8% on Thursday.

The central bank has also increased interest rates by 3 percentage points to 14.75%.

The move is a key requirement of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), from which Egypt is asking for a $12bn loan over three years.

The IMF’s mission chief for Egypt, Chris Jarvis, said the move would make more foreign exchange available and would “help foster growth, job creation and stronger external position for the country”.

Ame9632557644 says():Hardship

Although the liberalisation should help the country to strengthen its economy, it will make life harder for Egyptians and the cost of all imported goods will rise sharply.

Another reform it is facing is reducing or removing altogether state subsidies on fuel to meet IMF conditions. It has already cut subsidies on household electricity and increased the price of sugar by 40% for some Egyptians.

Egypt imports about a third of its sugar needs but a shortage of hard currency has meant traders have struggled to buy from outside the country.

The military has been told to distribute a one-off package of basic food items, including sugar, at half price, to cushion the effect among the poorest.

Egypt has struggled to attract foreign investment since the political turmoil in 2011 during the so-called Arab Spring that saw former president Hosni Mubarak overthrown

Ame9632557644 says():The change of regime dented tourism numbers, one of Egypt’s most important foreign currency earners, and prompted a general fall in international investor confidence.

Analysis, Andrew Walker, economics correspondent

Egypt is seeking IMF support (a £12bn loan) for an economic reform programme. One central element is a more flexible currency policy. The country’s pound certainly looked seriously over-valued. The central bank has to run down its foreign exchange reserves to prop the currency up.

There was a wide divergence between official and unofficial rates. Inflation is in double figures and there is what the IMF calls an “elevated” deficit in the country’s international trade. The sharp currency depreciation will improve competiveness and should in time help to bring down the trade deficit.

It should stop the haemorrhaging of reserves. In the short term, it’s likely to aggravate inflation by making imports more expensive. But as long as it’s a one-off effect, and doesn’t lead to an inflationary spiral, that will be seen as a price that has to be paid.

The decline in hard currency income was exacerbated by the central bank’s efforts to prop up Egypt’s own currency. It was trying to hold it at the official rate of 8.88 Egyptian pounds, although on the black market dealers could buy far more Egyptian pounds.

Ame9632557644 says():The bank said in a statement it had moved to a “liberalised exchange rate… to create an environment for a reliable and sustainable supply of foreign currency”.

A central bank auction of dollars was being held on Thursday, allowing supply and demand to determine the value of the pound for the first time in decades.
Banks will be allowed to open their branches until 9pm and over the weekend to allow more transactions.

Egypt’s economy is the second largest in the Arab world, after Saudi Arabia.

Ame9632557644 says():brb gotta fill bird feeder
sheila3 says to Ame9632557644():(y)

SRW says():We as investors of this are possibly on the precipice of the best investment that market could allow.. Will it happen over night as others have said, NO. Listen to BGG and Daytrader very carefully.. Hang tight.. I agree with everything both of them said last night.. IMO

bookumdano says to SRW():It will happen overnight. We just don’t know the night it will happen. We also have to accept what ever the outcome its when it happens. This is the risk of an investment.

Ame9632557644 says():that is half the fun…the unknown
Ame9632557644 says():other half is teh reward

david334 says to Ame9632557644():


Ame9632557644 says():but that is coming from an old guy that almost doed several times in Combat 🙂

david334 says to Ame9632557644():The Egypt revaluation was intended to restore the economy and will allow IMF to lend
Ame9632557644 says():that is what the email said 334

larrykn says to Okie Dinar():I was reading chatlog an saw where Tman talked about 1305, I would think that has to do with the spread that needs to be maintained for I think 60 day maybe 90?? but I don’t think that has to do with the rate imo

clay says to larrykn():no not at all
SRW says to clay():Agree… Show me the article please.. 8-|({)
Okie Dinar says to SRW():lol

Okie Dinar says to larrykn():Thank you – wasn’t sure what to take of that 🙂
Ame9632557644 says to clay():just show me thE money FOOOEW ON THE ARTICLE
Ame9632557644 says to clay():FOOOEY

larrykn says to SRW():I also not sure if that is something they are looking at either, Iraq has a artifical rate now, that is different then anything the IMF is requireing to maintain , once they Revalue that might take place but they have the plan to adjust their rate, not all thinks that are required in a normal circumsance might not apply in this

SRW says to Ame9632557644():That works for me too! (y)
clay says to Ame9632557644():(y)

larrykn says to SRW():they are following what the IMF is requireing them to do
futuremoney says):there was no article, just tmans statement..

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