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NEWSTIME WITH MadDSCOUT AND 1BOBBY, et al, Thursday, November 3, 2016

MadDScout says():Good evening everyone how are we this evening?

MadDScout says():Welcome to newstime for Thursday night 11/3/2016

MadDScout says():I would like to thank BGG and Mrs. BGG for the opportunity and the place to have a news time.

MadDScout says():I would like to thank all of our mods for the outstanding job each and everyone one of them do.

Thank you to the Facebook group, we have a lot of people over there doing a bang up job on research and keeping the threads full of news. Also I have noticed an increase in crossover traffic, chat to

MadDScout says():I do understand it is hard to include everybody in the thank you, that deserves it. It is truly an enormous job accomplished here.

MadDScout says():I would like to invite those not a part of the D.U.C.E.(Dinar Updates Currency Exchange) list. To check into it and make sure you are on it

MadDScout says():It can be found here>>>http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/

MadDScout says():Look right and center of page and you will see it.

MadDScout says():It will be a way of contacting the members when there is a shift in the value of the Dinar.

MadDScout says():Then the list will become a repository of do’s and don’ts, it will help you with real suggestions based off of, on the ground experiences, and research by some of those who have been bringing you this great research to this point. some will be from you the membership, who bring us back your experiences.

MadDScout says():Any ??’s before we move ahead?
MadDScout says to Okie Dinar():Thank you
MadDScout says to suprkat53():You with us Kathy?
MadDScout says to magnetlady():Thank you

suprkat53 says():Yes sir!

MadDScout says to suprkat53():Hold in place

david334 says():Just a quick thought on the discrepency in oil production between Iraq and the Kurds It wqas a late story

david334 says():300,000bbl

1bobby says():A few weeks ago there was discussion about outside agencies being brought in to take care of that issue. I believe it came out about a week ago. The articles pertaining to it are in the forums. I’ll try and grab it and give you a notification if ok?

1bobby says():I posted the articles so it rings a bell
david334 says():not a big deal regarding the 2017 budget passage

1bobby says():Well kinda. They have to know productions before moving forward
1bobby says():productions go to percentages paid on both sides

david334 says():right thanks
1bobby says():Good question

MadDScout says():I would think the discrepancy would need addressing
1bobby says():All that said it’s not going to be hard to get good numbers forward

MadDScout says():I don’t think it is good for the bottom line if there is a desparity
MadDScout says():disparity*

david334 says():Sounds reasonable thx (y)
1bobby says to david334():Very welcome

SRW says to MadDScout():I thoght a 17 percent oil revenue agreement had been made?

MadDScout says to SRW():As far as agreements go yes supposed to be but what is at question is bpd
MadDScout says to SRW():Sound right?

david334 says():It was an issue of double counting not a move to undermine Baghdad
SRW says to MadDScout():Your the Master, Me, Grasshopper..

MadDScout says to SRW():It is a problem with production not percent of budget

david334 says():Why are the parties fight the justice and accountibility law you pos=ted

ABNewsflash says to david334():There will be a report on this issue later
david334 says():(y)

ABNewsflash says to david334():if there is any questions on this article it, don’t forget to ask

MadDScout says():Tonights news seems like a mixed bag but we are still in a very good place. They are still moving forward on many fronts. We are also seeing ground work being laid for the taxation structure and more evenly applied tarrifs. Much investment starting up in many places.

MadDScout says():We are watching Anbar being refurbished and all that is going on in Basra, and it’s outlying cities.    And a speedy push into Mosul.

MadDScout says():BRB
MadDScout says():This article is from 11/2

jimplants says():excellent lead off summary

MadDScout says():Ministries vacant basket will not be resolved before the release of Mosul and to ensure that the parliamentary vote

02/11/2016 (21:01 pm) – The number of readings: 538

Baghdad / Wael blessing   Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi fear of failure again, if you do decide to submit candidates for the vacant ministries to parliament, before it gets guarantees vote.

Most thought the political blocs and holds that lingered Abadi continued to submit candidates for some of the ministries, and behind it the fear of the province of some blocks the voting session for lack of candidates.

Parties close to the prime minister acknowledges that the latter had “surrendered to the quota system,” noting that he was “looking for an intermediate equation” between the candidates and partisan technocrats.

MadDScout says():They favored members of the Dawa Party, last week, that the prime minister presented the candidates of four ministries vacant names, most notably defense and interior.

This came after leaks published (range) which revealed sending Abadi candidates for the ministries of defense, interior, trade and industry and minerals names to Parliament.

But the Information Office of the Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri denied two days after the publication of the names, to have Parliament had received the names of candidates of Ministers.

According to the leaks, the Abadi nominated both Irfan Hayali of the Ministry of Defense, and Qasim al-Araji, the Ministry of Interior, and Qutaiba al-Jubouri, the Ministry of Commerce, and Necmettin enhancer to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

The number of candidates for the post of defense minister, in recent weeks, to about 20 candidates nominated by Sunni forces, compared to 3 candidates to the

MadDScout says():Ministry of the Interior, provided by the Badr bloc exclusively.

Candidate of the Ministry of Defence

Says MP Mohammad al-Karbouli, the head of the parliamentary answer, that “the powers Union bloc is still awaiting a response from the prime minister on the candidates nominated for the post of defense minister.”

He Karbouli, in connection with the (range) yesterday, that “Osama Najafi gave 10 names, in addition to six others nominated Iyad Allawi,” but he says he has “yet to choose a name from the candidates to the Ministry of Defense did not occur.”

The National Bloc, led by Iyad Allawi, has confirmed it has had “the greatest luck” to obtain the vacant defense portfolio for more than 3 months.

And renewed the National Bloc, a few days ago, its adherence to the ministerial entitlement including the defense portfolio, despite the return of its leader to take over his duties as deputy president of the republic.

MadDScout says():Agreed Forces Union, last October 17, in the presence of Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the nomination of four names to the Ministry of Defence, were sent officially to the President of the Government. The candidates are all of the “Badr stallion, full-Dulaimi, and Jaber, Ahmed al-Jubouri.”

It was close to the coalition forces parties had earlier confirmed, (range), escalating the chances of MP Ahmed al-Jubouri of Mosul, to win the post of defense minister.

MadDScout says():On the other hand sees MP Karbouli “The prime minister may postpone presentation of vacant ministries, private security, until after the liberation of Mosul,” attributing it to his desire to get rid of the “confusion and” international pressure that accompanies the appointment of some ministers, which would get rid of them after the elimination of Daesh. ”

Escape from voting blocs

Since months ranges ministries vacant file in place, especially after the vacancy of other ministries such as trade, industry, and finance.

In this context, MP Taha defense, member of the National Alliance and a member of the Front, Reform, that “al-Abadi did not want to provide the Ministry or say two of the four out of fear of failure in obtaining the votes supporting him or perhaps evade the blocks that do not have a stake in the government from entering the parliament session.”

MadDScout says():It is likely the defense, told the (range) yesterday, said that “to be bag industry is the only one that decisively,” pointing out that the prime minister “has not yet agreed on the three Badr candidates for interior or defense that did not know do you give it to coalition forces or Abadelha trade with Allawi’s bloc.

The Allawi bloc, had said earlier, she no longer wanted to “trade” because there are suspicions in corruption cases surrounding the work of the ministry.

And he sacked the prime minister, last year, the Minister of Trade Mlas Alexanzan Abdul Karim, a member of the National Bloc, after issuing an arrest warrant judiciary against the backdrop of corruption charges. But the cabinet statement pointed out that the decision to sack the minister was due to interruption of his work.

War without security ministers

MadDScout says():For its part, says MP Huda Sajjad, for a team-Abadi, “The prime minister runs a fierce war and frees the land from the grip Daesh without a defense minister or the interior.”

And carrying MP Sajjad responsibility on the political blocs, which says that it “did not agree on a single candidate to fill the vacant ministries.”

It adds a member of the State of Law, told the (range), that “the political blocs have forced the prime minister to choose the candidates accept their blocs, after failing to provide ministers technocrats”, citing what a few months before an event with a trade candidate Yusuf al-Asadi, who rejected some parliamentary blocs Altusit it.

And it describes the carpets, a member of the Dawa Party, a block, that “the masses did not agree to Asadi although he technocrats.”

MadDScout says():The parliament had voted, in the middle of last August, the nomination of Abdul Razzaq al-Issa, Minister for Higher Education, and Hassan al-Janabi, a minister of water resources, and Kazem cup Minister of Transport, and Jabbar and coffee and oil minister, and Anne wholesome Osei, Minister of Reconstruction and Housing. And he refused to name Yusuf al-Asadi and trade minister.

Believes MP Huda Sajjad said, “Abadi will not repeat it it again, and wait blocs agree on all the vacant ministries to ensure they are all in the voting session.”


MadDScout says():I did not post this because it was a day old and I personally don’t post it if it is more than 12 16 hours old

MadDScout says():But sometimes I keep a copy anyway
MadDScout says():Andrew what’s your take?

ABNewsflash says():Mosul first! Then work on the minister of appointees,that way Abadi has the support of the people!

MadDScout says():He is making it sound like he is leaving it in their court(parliament) or at least the blocs to input the names

MadDScout says():But has given a good argument for making it after Mosul liberation
MadDScout says():Seems not set in stone but maybe a way to light a fire under the blocs
MadDScout says():It was a long article

MadDScout says():I know some have asked about the ministers
MadDScout says():Seems some have not put in any and some want multpile positions
MadDScout says():Andrew

ABNewsflash says():ok no questions here is that article

ABNewsflash says():Legal representative: political differences hinder the adoption of the Justice and Accountability Act

03/11/2016 10:32:25
Powers demanded dissolution of the accountability and justice, as opposed to the National Alliance on it.

SRW says to MadDScout():Seems as though Mosul has to be liberalized from Islamic Terrorism.. Then everthing else starts to take place?

MadDScout says to SRW():I can’t say as I disagree
MadDScout says to SRW():I don’t say have to

MadDScout says to SRW():But it will go a long way towards it
MadDScout says to SRW():We know the CBI wants Political/Social stability
SRW says to MadDScout():Yes Sir….

MadDScout says to SRW():As markers it is looking for for the advancement of all sectors
MadDScout says to SRW():Did that help?
SRW says to MadDScout():Thankyou..

MadDScout says to SRW():(y)
MadDScout says to suprkat53():Did you have a ??

suprkat53 says():We saw in Fallujah that it wasn’t totally done before Iraq claimed victory. Do you think the same will happen in Mosul?

MadDScout says to suprkat53():I think there are many little towns along the way also that get cleared

MadDScout says to suprkat53():In these little towns they raise the Iraqi flag
MadDScout says to suprkat53():Sometimes we get a report that citizens have raised them

1bobby says to suprkat53():I think with all the Coalition forces involved in Mosul we’ll see a completly different handling of info as far as a liberation

MadDScout says to suprkat53():I think they will make a bigger deal than just declaring a flag raising

1bobby says to suprkat53():Involved in a way they weren’t in Fallujah

MadDScout says to suprkat53():But I see what your asking and a short answer could be yes
MadDScout says to suprkat53():Depending on help from the populace

suprkat53 says():What I’m getting at is that we have a ways to go yet before we see anymore progress?

MadDScout says to suprkat53):Not so much if you are asking

1bobby says to suprkat53():The progress is amazing so far
ABNewsflash says():progress is being made everyday in Mosul

MadDScout says to suprkat53():The eastern boarder of Mosul proper is in Iraqi hands

1bobby says to suprkat53():We gotta remember Mousl is 2nd largest city in Iraq.

MadDScout says to suprkat53():There is a coalition in force on the eastern side

1bobby says to suprkat53():Parts of Mosul have already been entered

suprkat53 says():Thanks. Pretty much what I thought, but thought some others might be wondering.

ABNewsflash says():actually there was an article about forces taking a break in fighting which was untrue

1bobby says to suprkat53():Loved the question. It’s what people want to know

MadDScout says to suprkat53():You’re welcome

MadDScout says():Andrew
suprkat53 says():(y)

ABNewsflash says():Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed, on Thursday, for the continuation of political differences over the approval of the draft law of accountability and justice between the National Alliance and the Union of Forces.

He said committee member Ibtisam al-Hilali said in an interview summarized by the “obelisk”, that (((((“there is a political agreement to pass the Justice and Accountability Law in the House of Representatives but at the same time there is an objection by the Union forces, as well as the National Alliance on the enactment of this Act.”))))

ABNewsflash says():”The powers demanded dissolution of the accountability and justice, as opposed to the National Alliance on it on the grounds that the Commission had not completed all the procedures,” and noted that “the Baath Party Constitution prohibits the enactment of a single law for accountability and justice.”

Referred to the House of Representatives failed to pass most of the session, the Justice and Accountability Act because of the controversy raised by the said law between the political blocs.


MadDScout says():Baath party?
jimplants says():how can they desolve a newly passed law thats on the books its toooo late

ABNewsflash says():I had the feeling that a few folks in Facebook were little upset over this article? It clearly sais, and I Quote “there is a political agreement to pass the Justice and Accountability Law in the House of Representatives,but at he same time there is an objection bythe Union Forces,as well as the National Alliance on the enactment of this Act!

Well of course you are gonna have some differences over this law! I dont think anyone likes going to jail?

ABNewsflash says():J and A is not passed yet
MadDScout says to jimplants():I have not seen it pass either

bobby says():Hope that makes sense. I just spilled soup all over my keyboard

1bobby says():Now If it’s passed as a law, then we go to the ammendment stagesmy bad then i missread two weeks ago

SRW says to MadDScout():If a law fails in HOR.. Does it go back to Committee for rewording then back to HOR. Reread twice and then voted on again?

MadDScout says to jimplants():It’s cool

1bobby says():It does go back to committee but the reads do not start over
1bobby says():If it has a 1st reading and then goes back, next up is a 2nd reading

baxter says():Is Iraq currently in Article 8

MadDScout says to baxter():They are working within art 8 but are not fully compliant

baxter says():Is the spread part of the problem?

MadDScout says to baxter():They seem to have a handle on the spread

baxter says():Ok.. thx

MadDScout says to baxter():It is a matter of putting new banking laws into effect across the board which was talked about in a speach at the International Fair held in Iraq

baxter says():Ok… Thank you

MadDScout says to baxter():Making the auctions more transparent

MadDScout says to baxter():Holding accountable those that break the rules and followup on the education of bank employees

ABNewsflash says to 1bobby():Speaking of International Fair

1bobby says():Trade: Baghdad international exhibition portal for collaboration and by about investments in Iraq

2016-11-02 at 14:31  Baghdad scales news

The Commerce Department said Wednesday that the success achieved by this year’s Baghdad international fair confirms Iraq’s willingness to cooperate in economic partnerships with the world as well as a way to attract foreign investments and Arabic in Iraq.

The Ministry said in a statement/balance of news copy, “the 43 session of the Baghdad international fair confirmed Iraq’s keenness to continue cooperation and interaction with the economic developments in various industries as well as information technology cooperation mechanisms for industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors in Iraq with their counterparts in the States and companies participating in the exhibition.

She explained that “the efforts of the Ministry of Commerce and General company for Iraqi opposition in preparation for the upcoming international expositions will be more spacious after stabilizing the security situation and eliminate the ISIS permanently in Iraq as security forces courage to expel terrorists from all cities of Iraq which opens doors wide to Arab and international presence at future sessions of the Baghdad international fair and the rest of the specialized exhibitions in Iraq and that the Ministry has paid much attention to her regularly in most provinces.

1bobby says():She noted that “the next stage requires high level coordination efforts to establish a broad government program involving Governments, institutions, organizations and economic communities to go to every country in the world to attract companies with the aim of broad participation and genuine partnerships take into consideration economic and Iraq’s potential ability in dealing and interacting with economic trends, particularly since Parliament important laws began investing and how to attract capital for investment projects or economic companies.”

She praised the “considerable public support for the Baghdad international fair, through official and grass-roots presence which lasted for two days and is an indicator of the success of the show and a message to all the world that the confidence of the people of Iraq

fighting but builds and other efforts,” lived, inviting people to visit the exhibition “intensively being national duty owed the momentum of battle and convey a message to Iraq.”

Read More : http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthread.php?43277-Trade-Baghdad-international-exhibition-portal-for-collaboration-and-by-about-investm

1bobby says():The Fair has been all over the news and will set up all kinds of investment possibilities

ABNewsflash says to 1bobby():I saw in article related to this about a certain prince finally making the conference this year in which he refused in the past

MadDScout says():This international fair was a shot in the arm for Iraq
MadDScout says():Lot of good information was gleened

1bobby says():Iraq’s willingness to cooperate with the world. This fair last 10 day’s so we’ll see more and more on this

MadDScout says():Anyone have anything to add or ask?
1bobby says():Now will this add to the advancement of the Investment Law? It should

MadDScout says():I gotta say it may seem a little slow in here but the news is rockin’
MadDScout says():LOL
SRW says to MadDScout():(y)

MadDScout says():Does anyone have anything we have not covered so far they have a question about?
1bobby says to MadDScout():I agree. Just dip into the chat logs and forums

SRW says to MadDScout():The fair that is being discussed. Is that the fair that took place in Jordan about a month ago?

MadDScout says to SRW():No this one was in Baghdad
SRW says to MadDScout():Okay.. Thanks

MadDScout says():Baghdad International Exhibition
MadDScout says to SRW():(y)

MadDScout says():Located on the Baghdad fairgrounds
MadDScout says():Bobby do you have that report ready?

1bobby says():Financial income doubled: after application of the customs tariff

03/11/2016-10:39  General Customs authority confirmed Thursday, financial revenue doubled after applying the tariff Act.

The Director General Kazim Ali Abdulla in a press statement that “the direct implementation of the resolution was 413 for 2015 issued by the Council of Ministers directed the introduction of tuition fees Act tariff evoke achieve financial revenues contributed to the economic crisis and the revival of the overall budget and offset declining oil prices.”

He noted that “revenues have doubled since the introduction of the law, pointing to take resolute action to apply it properly by relying on competencies and active plans by customs.”

Revealing “a comprehensive plan and vision for the future of the attribution of State revenue, and sustainability of government financial liquidity, as it was approaching the Treasury and Cabinet for study and entered into force, and we hope to come during implementation approvals.”

“The central region Customs made a good amount of tariff revenue last month, distributed between the Central Customs Headquarters walshalgih and yellowish, with fees collected from 7409 load trucks, in addition to establishing 1449 sued law enforcement irregularities customs and tariff retrieval.”

Read More : http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthread.php?43300-Financial-income-doubled-after-application-of-the-customs-tariff

MadDScout says():Non-Oil revenue
MadDScout says():Those who are in charge of the ports are awaiting the more equal distribution of the tarrif laws

1bobby says():This almost speaks to the Article 8 question. We know that some areas are not being treated like other areas where tariff’s are collected. So the tariff’s are working, they just need some smoothing out

MadDScout says():More and more they talk taxes in the news also

1bobby says():But to double the tariff income is crazy good.
1bobby says():As MadScout said, more non oil revenue

MadDScout says():Imagine with full reforms implemented
MadDScout says():Many non-oil startups as well
MadDScout says():Investment coming to many areas

1bobby says():Local investment is skyrocketing. Now bring on the Internationals
1bobby says():Look at Toyota lately

MadDScout says():Iraqi insurance: integration with the national face of legal and administrative measures
Views 26 Date 29/10/2016 – 18:20

Economy News / Baghdad …Iraqi insurance company confirmed that the issue of the integration of the national insurance company it will face administrative and legal proceedings take a long time to take years for the completion of the resolution of administrative and financial belongings, because of the nature of the rules of procedure for each of the two companies.

MadDScout says():The company said in a statement received “Economy News” that the integration of state-owned companies, especially insurance, requires a thorough study of the formation of specialized committees of the fact that the integration process are complex and not easy given the nature of the work of the two companies.

It showed that paragraph (2) of Article (50) of the organizing work of the Insurance Act stipulates “the faithful wishing to merge submit a request to the Cabinet attached with all the necessary reports and data specified by the Chief of Staff instructions issued for this purpose”, asserting that the company did not apply for the merger has not issued about SAB (insurance Bureau) instructions and did not request any data on the subject.

MadDScout says():He pointed out that, based on the rules of procedure of the company board of directors of Iraqi insurance company decided not to approve the merger of the fact that the company’s profit-making companies that have achieved their plans did not provide application integration, but its board’s decision was a reference to the specialization Ptominac life.

The statement added that the structure of the Iraqi insurance company completely different from the structure of the National Insurance Company as well as the rules of procedure of each, along with the nature of the work of the branches and offices of the two companies operating in all provinces.

Content link
MadDScout says():http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthread.php?43056-Iraqi-insurance-integration-with-the-national-face-of-legal-and-administrative-measu&p=164503#post164503

1bobby says():So Insurance is being, or will be privatized
MadDScout says to 1bobby():Yes
1bobby says():That would be a huge income maker for the private sector

1bobby says to SRW():LOL love it!
Gigi813 says():So all of these figures will be applied towards their GDP correct?

MadDScout says():Yes
MadDScout says to Gigi813():Thank you for your question
MadDScout says():If there are no more questions?

Gigi813 says():helping to establish the value of their currency
MadDScout says():Yes and non-oil revenue streams
Gigi813 says():whoop whoop
1bobby says():I would like to add to the room. Holly1 brought in some good stuff today as I was copying. Please go to the chat logs and check it out. She works hard to bring us that info and should be much appreciated

MadDScout says():I would like to thank everyone for putting up with us and hanging in there.

1bobby says to MadDScout():We’re gettin better huh lol
baxter says():Thx you Two….. I love your Newstime…. (y)
BGG says():Thank you guys SO MUCH for being part of the DU TEAM!!

magnetlady says():Awesome MadDScout and 1 bobby and everyone
1bobby says():Appreciate everyone being here
magnetlady says():Thanks so much

MadDScout says():I will now return controll of your chatroom over to the proper authorities
scottiegirl says():Thank you guys! I’ll have the link posted “soon”. Don’t ya’ll hate that word? lol

larrykn says():thank you guys for doing such a great job
MrsBGG says():Thank you MadDScout & 1bobby!!
suprkat53 says():Thanks guys – you rock!

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