Scores of ISIS dead and wounded in airstrikes in Mosul, Anbar

Tens of Islamic State fighters were killed and many others were wounded in airstrikes by  Iraqi F16 and Sukhoi fighters in Mosul, Nineveh, and Rawa, Anbar, media officials with the Ministry of Defense said on Monday.

The F16 airstrike in Mosul, ordered by Iraqi national intelligence services, targeted a huge ammunition cache in the eastern section of the city, totally destroying it, and killing 12 ISIS fighters, media officials with the Ministry of Defense reported.

Iraqi joint forces, assisted by Kurdish Peshmerga troops and international coalition forces, continue a major, weeks-old campaign to liberate Mosul, ISIS last stronghold in Iraq, dealing the group serious losses in lives and equipment.

In Rawa region, Anbar, Sukhoi fighters pounded five locations used by ISIS as shelters, wounding nine of the militants and destroying eleven of its vehicles, according to the officials.

Rawa had fallen to ISIS in mid 2014. Government and tribal forces are preparing for a widescale operation to liberate the region.

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