KTFA 23 October 2016

Aggiedad77: Iraq….may Peace be with you……as this year winds to a close and the existence of ISIS/DAASH is squashed like a cockroach under foot……may you ring in the new year 2017 with PEACE in mind for all of your country and it’s countrymen…..

A peace that can be shared internationally as you move forward…..the pathway anointed with higher oil prices that will springboard your efforts in a way that was unexpected by many…..but declared by a few……

Breakthroughs indeed for opportunities both within and outside of your great country….let the future be bright for prosperity and peace for all…..transitions in so many ways…..war to peace…..program rate to who knows what…….reclusive country to internationally recognized leader…….reforms that give way to exponential growth……let it be……all IMO. Aloha Randy

Samson: The appearance of Mohammed Saleh: 2017 budget from war to peace

22/10/2016 – 17:12

Set up the progress of the development policies of the Institute, on Saturday, a seminar under the title (of oil and the development of financial resources), headed by Dr. Mahdi Al-Hafiz and the membership of the Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister D.mzar Mohammed Saleh Hisham artillery and an international expert.

Hafiz gave at the beginning of the meeting, a detailed presentation about the importance of this symposium, calling for the need to enrich the discussions by the experts involved in various levels.

And dealt with the first working paper submitted by D.mzar and tagged “analysis of 2017 budget and the role of oil and amendments to the International Monetary Fund and leading what happened from the changes to the budget in the light of the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund, as the appearance of said through the presentation of his paper: that year’s budget in 2017 is peace Balancing ( the transition from war to peace) after cleaning of the Iraq invasion Aldaasha obnoxious.

He expressed his appearance for positive interaction about changing the default price of oil from 35 to 42 dollars per barrel, he would cut the deficit to less than investment spending and by 21 to 25 percent, and the price difference will be distributed by half a percentage for investment and the other half to pay off the debt services in general. He hinted that the IMF has focused on the need to find to find the problem of corruption in Iraq and solutions through the adoption of auditors “Ernst & Young”.

He expressed optimism about breakthroughs soon as oil prices are forecast ndash; according to what he referred to d. appearance.pr

And it included a second worksheet international expert Hisham artillery to the significant role to be played by the Mosul dam after liberalization in agricultural development which will contribute to the diversification of financial resources, reviewing the dam project since inception figures and amazing facts if applied in the light of the development plan.

There were then numerous discussions made by the participants included the interventions and questions about the budget and expectations of the future.


Guest post by G

Having reviewed a few of the personal comments that were published yesterday, I find that they make more sense than all the SITREP’s todate.

I believe it is entirely possible that the intel that is being fed to these people… Yosuf, Bruce, Fisher, Tank etc, may all be planted by hidden cabal operatives.

I don’t think Yosuf, Bruce and the others are aware of this or are knowingly party to any deception. They are just people like ourselves who are looking for answers.

The cabal have been in complete control of everything we believe for so long that they are experts at creating false information and then leaking it out there in just the right way so that intelligent people receive it and are gifted in promoting it to others.

The cabal are clearly not in control because nothing they have leaked has come to pass as they would like but they will never stop trying to pull our strings.

Thus, even the ones in the ‘so called’ know, may be just as deceived as those who are oblivious… just in the opposite direction.

Nothing that has come out of this country can be trusted… not the politics, not the money, not the credit, not the markets, not the morality, not the science, not the health care, not the law or the legal system, not the media, not the accounting, not the education… not anything. It is all one big lie.

So why should we believe that the alternative media is any different until things actually change for the better… by forces outside this country?

I am not throwing the baby out with the bathwater on this. But I am withholding judgement until the REAL truth emerges. Until I can verify that sanity is in place, I will refrain from engaging with others.

I make no further presumptions on any of this until the truth comes out. Then I will decide what direction to take.

If I find that the remaining cabal, still lodged in places of influence, make it hard for me to pursue my humanitarian objectives in this country, then I will direct my humanitarian activities elsewhere. I will not put up with this foolishness any longer.

Oz must be stripped of its delusions before real engagement can happen. Otherwise the circus continues. No more!

All this crap about not upsetting public perception and stability runs right in line with all the fear that the cabal creates. It is time to inform the public… come what may.

The people must come out of the delusion and heal from the wound to their false ego and sensibilities. Otherwise, they keep the lie alive. That has to stop. The price is inconsequential. Either we will have the truth or we won’t. Either we will survive or we won’t…G



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