The Last Outcome of the Displaced People from Mosul: Ministry of Migration

The Iraqi Ministry of Displacement & Migration issued a statement that it has been estimated that more than 355,000 displaced people have been evacuated from both left and right sides of the Mosul city since 17th October 2016. The Iraqi Minister of Displaced & Migration, Jassem Muhammad Al-Jaf said in its press statement that the number of displaced people have been reached more than 355 thousand since the beginning of military operation on 17th October 2016 to retake the province captured by the Daesh militants. He further indicated that at least 81 thousand displaced people have returned to their liberated areas in the south areas of Nineveh and in the left coast of Mosul. He added that the total number of displaced people since the beginning of liberation of right coast areas of Mosul city was calculated at more than 181 thousand displaced people.
He further indicated that more than 111 thousand of them have been shifted in the shelter camps provided by the ministry. He added that at least 70 thousand housing with host community have been provided in Mosul and other areas in the south of Mosul. The statement indicated that the Iraqi Ministry of Displace & Migration is in coordination with its potential partners in order to receive more than 100 thousand people in the South East of Nineveh. Yesterday, the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights has announced that more than half a million Iraqi citizens might experience the risk of death due to massive fight between Iraqi Security forces and militants of different terrorist groups including Daesh and ISIS. It was also said that Daesh organization used human shields and at least 40 Iraqi citizens were killed on Friday and Saturday. The statement added that there are still half a million Iraqi citizens living in the areas under the control of a terrorist organization.

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