IslandGurl: HiYa Gals and Guys: I went to one of the BOFA in NY. I felt comfortable doing so because they were the first to convince me that I was holding on to a currency that will make me a rich woman. At that time, they were selling VND currency. Today, BOFA told me that they are no longer selling/buying any of the three currency I queried about at that time.
So, I say oh really! She said, “Yaaaay!” So, I asked another pertinent question and was told well actually the VND is on the screen but there is a note next to it…HOLD!
Luvwulfs:  Islandgurl Ge to ya, Maybe not until after the rates go up, then they will resume
Islandgurl:  Luvs: You know what is encouraging to me. All the former employees were rerouted to other branches. Only the tellers are the same.
BOFA has been doing a lot of shuffling around. I visit about three to four branches and most if not all staff members are new. The tellers remain the same.
Sugabaybee2:  Interesting Before Rv/GCR

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